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  1. Thanks for Your reply, it dosent specifically stop while breaking but it’s more noisy whilst I’m driving, it seems the faster I go the more it makes the noise? Hope that makes sense
  2. Can anyone suggest what might be wrong? I’ve noticed a high pitch what I can only describe as a squeaking/screeching noise from the left hand passenger front side of the car whilst driving, had break pads done around 3 months ago, and Doesn't happen when breaking only whilst driving. Any ideas?
  3. No I wasn’t given a card that I can remember? Thanks I’ll go a Ford dealer this week
  4. Hi! Newbie here! I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta, I purchased the car last year from a local garage, however I need a tyre replacing desperately! I have been to 3 different tyre places and because the car didn’t come with a locking wheel nut (we have checked everywhere in the car) I’ve been told they don’t have one to fit?! I’ve been to Halfords who also didn’t have any in stock, clueless as to where to look next, needing a new tyre ASAP really as it keeps going flat any ideas? Thank you !
  5. Hi! Wondering if anyone could help! There’s a noise which I can only describe as a squeaking or screech coming from the left hand side of the car! Left work this evening to drive home and it was loud enough for me to hear it over my music! Had break pads changed around 3 months ago and not even done 1k since those so surely it can’t be that? Any ideas?? Thanks