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  1. managed to get the rear view camera working now, and the gps is working, there were no wires from the apim in pins 16 and 17 so added the wires to the blue hvac connector pins 18 and 19, as for the camera hsd connector it seems pin 4 and 2 are the ones to connect pin 4 is Gnd to pin 15 and pin 2 is to pin 14, still need to configure the apim for the front parking sensor display
  2. with the original nav the gps is in the roof aerial, will have a look at the weekend to check if the wiring harness has pins 16 and 17 i am not sure if it showed N,E,S,W on the dash
  3. just been doing the install to sync 2, with the help of using the naviupgrade harness, a couple of issues i am having is the gpsm module i think the one i got is faulty, as not showing gps location in the apim and a fault code of lost communication with bcm, i already had the gpsm wiring loom above the mirror, and it can be found with forscan, also i have the oem back up camera, but not sure on how to wire this with hsd code e connector, the harness naviupgrade harness comes with a Phono conector which is wired to pin 14 and 15, any more help would be appreciated