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  1. Space savers are 14 inch but with high sidewalls. The diameter doesn't matter for a temporary fit and the wheel nuts are the same. The tpms will not read the spare because it doesn't have a transducer in it. A new spare and toolkit costs about £100 and eBay is a good place to look.
  2. Every mark 8 does it. Glue it back on with a blob of rtv
  3. Certainly I mix my motoring with both long and short trips but the majority are very short. Reviewing the stories of cam belt and oil pump problems, I think I shall change my oil at annual intervals which is currently about 6000 miles as the oil breaks down and forms sludge if it isn't warmed through often enough .
  4. I don't think it condescending to expect people to understand simple explanations when given but those too blinkered or ignorant even to try to learn serve no useful purpose in the discussion nor to themselves. I would have expected better but you'd accuse me of being condescending so you continue to declare it a conspiracy against skilled people and I'll file you under lettuce instead.
  5. No. As cars become more electronic, more of the mechanic's skills devolve to the electronics engineer. The tips above allow anybody brighter than a green salad to find their way around the loom in the same way that the electronics engineer does. It ain't witchcraft, it is the twenty first century.
  6. Some pointers to information: Cardiagn. Is a useful source of manuals which will have the first two. 2020 Motocraft pigtail .pdf should Google up a link to a document that identifies the connector if not the pinout.
  7. My wiring is proper bag of liquorice all-sorts which helps when tracing circuits. Newer cars have all black wiring. For those that would like to tackle it but wonder how it is done, here are a couple of tips. A couple of map pins with a stranded wire tightly wound round and all but the last 5mm heatshrinked make good probes for the continuity buzzer on a meter Push one through the wire you have one end of and go poking and prodding the others until the other end is located. It is a bit brutal but it works. I use it if I cannot get enough information There's another way. You need to do some research and find both a set of circuit diagrams and a set of diagrams showing component locations. The last part is to find the Ford connector pinouts. Given the connector number from the circuit diagram, a place to expect to find it from the component locations and which pin is which from the connector diagrams, it becomes a simple matter of tracing pin to pin, plug to plug so it doesn't matter what colour the wire is. That is how the pros do it.
  8. My Father's company Maxi was like that. Nine times in nine months. The Princess's clutch exploded as it left the forecourt for the first time. Ah, British Leyland. Wonder what happened to them?
  9. I would expect that it has not finished. Once it has, it will confirm it has done so by not updating so I would leave the stick in for a while. As you are on Maps F10 already, there will be little to see. Just wait for it to tell you it has finished. I would expect the supplement to bring a different firmware issue but that is not guaranteed.
  10. Although the oil level was good before, the car seems quieter for the oil change.
  11. Good they may be but they are also old. It would be unwise to expect it to perform like a new 'un.
  12. Because the car had not been properly charged at some point it would not register the true soc. The car would not have charged to 94% so I reckon it had been put on a charger.
  13. ! Do you like the car? Then buy it. The 0-60 time of a ten year old automatic shopping trolley hatchback really does not matter because if it did, you' d buy something else.
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