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  1. Cheers Luke we have now changed plugs and injectors but still not running but we think it could possibly be timing out as the cam belt has never been changed
  2. Just a quick one is changing the coil pack a easy or hard job to do or will I need a mechanic
  3. Rough idle misfiring won’t tick over at all starts lovely but doesn’t want to stay started I have been told it’s coil pack so I’m going to get new ones
  4. Can anyone tell me symptoms if the coil pack is breaking down I have Ford Focus ST 2010 has been modified it’s 350bhp it’s this makes any difference...also new battery and alternator which were both done just over a week
  5. I have Ford Focus st 2010 I had 4 new tyres fitted today exactly the same as ones taken off and I was driving home all of a sudden abs light and traction control light came on then battery light with steering malfunction message very heavy steering managed to get home to where I just pulled into my parking space and lost all power so left it for hour or so went bk out to see if it would start it did hesitate first couple of presses of the start button but then she started and ticked over what could the issue be as I have never had any issues with the car since I got it bk in April 2020