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  1. Hi, Inside the rear spring, the bit of plastic is split at the bottom.. --- There doesn't appear to be anything sitting inside the plastic housing - also I can't see how it would connect to the bottom anyway? Whats the problem here? Thanks, Dan.
  2. Hi, While driving last night the Red Snowflake Warning Light came on (Which I believe is to warn me thats its less than 0degrees? (Which is wasn't, it was 10degrees at least)and the temperature readout on the left display just has a "- - - c" Whats gone wrong? Thanks, Dan.
  3. How do you get your mp3 player to play through the stereo?
  4. Hmm, may be tricky to get hold of! Thanks mate.
  5. Where is the best place to get these and what kind of price should I be expecting to pay for all 4? Mine all look like this =( Thanks, Dan.
  6. What bit is missing from this gap? (Bottom Middle) Thanks, Dan.
  7. Hi, When I bought my Mondeo the Front Drivers Side Electric Window Button was missing, I put a new one on but it doesn't really work. With the button off I can see there are 4 buttons than can be pushed down like this: In the gap with the button missing (Here:) When I push 1 nothing happens When I push 2 or 3 the Window goes down as I'm pushing the button and stops going down when I stop pushing the button. When I push 4 the Window goes up as I'm pushing the button and stops going up when I stop pushing the button. When I put the Actual Plastic Button on (The same as the other 3) and push it around nothing makes sense.. Hope someone can make sense of this lol, whats the problem/what do I need to do to get it to work? Thanks, Dan.
  8. Ford Focus Alternator

    The headlights dip for half a second or so randomly sometimes, and the headlights become dimmer when the heated windscreen is on and sometimes the car takes a little while to start in the mornings.. What do you think mate?
  9. Ford Focus Alternator

    Hi, I think I need a new alternator, just got a few questions.. How easy is it to fit one myself? Where is the best place to buy one? Are they specific for my engine (2.0l Zetec) or can I buy any second hand focus mk1 one? Thanks, Dan.
  10. Air Escaping Noise From The Brake Pedal

    It does it when I'm driving aswell as when the engine is off though?
  11. Air Escaping Noise From The Brake Pedal

    I've never noticed it before?
  12. Hi, I noticed tonight that there is an "air escaping noise" coming from the brake pedal when the engine is running (It does this when the engine is off, which I know is perfectly normal) When I get my head right next to the pedals, I can hear the air escaping and a little click noise.. What could be the problem? Thanks, Dan.
  13. Headlights Slightly Dim With Screen Heater On

    How do I check this?
  14. Hi, I noticed tonight, that when my screen heater is on, the headlights, lights on the dials and the clock etc go slightly dim when its on.. When I turn the screen heater on there is a little clicking noise coming from the fuse box (this happens when I beep the horn too) Why is this? Thanks, Dan.
  15. How To Get Headlight Bulbs Out

    Ahh, I got it! thanks