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  1. Matt.ZS

    What I Seed Today

    It's an "SWR Body Styling Kit" I believe. It's an aftermarket one to put on lower entry models that didnt come with the dress up kit
  2. Matt.ZS

    China Front Grille

    I'd be up for a group buy
  3. Matt.ZS

    Just Had An Accident With A Deer

    Sorry to hear it, surprised the deer got up and walked away after the damage you've described
  4. Matt.ZS

    Installing A Subwoofer

    I had mine done a few weeks ago and iv found if the sub is good enough for what music you'll be playing all you need to do is just turn the base down on the head unit so the speakers are only being used for vocals. Search for car audio fitters and get a few quotes in from people they'll tend to be quite competitive because they'll want the business. The head unit will be fine as it is, i watched him fit all the wiring and and it isn't a particularly big job maybe 90mins work. Hope that helps
  5. Matt.ZS

    £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    Really disappointed. Its worrying when you go into talk to them about the problem and you realise you know more about it than the specialists. Yeah i will most likely take a look myself and while im at it put some different speakers in too
  6. Matt.ZS

    £185.98 To Have My Car Washed

    Thats my problem i have no proof that i had the problem before my sub was fitted. If they say they wont do anything about it if i argue again il just take the door card of myself, its just the principle that they are unwilling to take a look at a speaker that would take 15 minutes to check immediately after giving them a large amount of money for something i really could have done myself
  7. Just wanted to have a rant and see if anyone else has has problems like this. Getting past the fact i've just been completely ripped off by going to Ford the only major change on the cars service was the oil. I probably could have licked the car cleaner than the job they've done on cleaning it too. What i'm more annoyed about is i had my left door speaker rattling a lot when music was played and not necessarily high volume. After adding a sub to my car a few weeks ago (Pioneer TSWX77A) the problem is still there even after turning all the bass down on the main speakers so i've just assumed its a loose screw or something not on tight enough, it wasn't enough of a problem to go to Ford with just for that so i've waited till my service . Ford now say that because i have added this sub in the boot all the speakers are now void form warranty. The girl at reception didn't know what a sub was and when i consulted a parts man he stared at me blankly because he didnt really know what i was telling him either. My argument is that the speakers are not altered in any way when a sub is added and. Im generally not someone who would comment on here but I'd just like to see peoples thoughts on this.
  8. Matt.ZS

    Bodykit For New Fiesta

    Wouldn't mind having that front for my car, anyone know of places to get it?
  9. Matt.ZS

    New Induction Kit Mk7

    I would love to have that but i can't justify the price
  10. Matt.ZS

    Chavy Flags

    It was a red with white paint, the picture doesnt do justice of how amazingly stupid it looked
  11. Matt.ZS

    Chavy Flags

    Stop arguing children and laugh at this instead. Spotted it on the motorway yesterday
  12. Matt.ZS

    I Have Some Good Friends

    Its my birthday today and me and my friends tend to play stupid jokes on each other so today was my turn. I came downstairs to this......obviously they were busy this morning while i was still in bed
  13. Matt.ZS

    ! Guide ! Mk7 Fiesta Bulb Change

    Couldn't fault the guide there, explained it perfectly and it only took me 20 minutes, thanks alot.
  14. Matt.ZS

    3.5Mm Jack Problem

    I suppose its just a cheap component from Ford then. I might try and make a small housing for the leads to sit in so the 3.5mm jack hold onto the USB, i never thought such a small problem could be so frustrating.
  15. Matt.ZS

    3.5Mm Jack Problem

    Hopefully this isn't just me but does anyone who uses the 3.5mm headphone jack find that it doesn't sit in properly and tends to fall out? I started off using the normal iPhone wire along with a 3.5 to 3.5 jack but i found there was too many wires around so i opted to getting the Ford Y cable. I thought buying this would mean there was more of a flush fit but even with this the lack of flex in the wire means even the slightest knock makes it fall out. I went to my Ford garage and had two of the guys try it in 3 other Fiesta and all had pretty much the same problem.