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  1. Dead SMax

    The dead SMax is back from the dealer who say they can find nothing wrong with it. The engine cover is in the boot, the radio needs a code, the alarm sensors are covered in masking tape, and the date shows February 2006, Is this typical of Ford dealer service or am I expecting too much? I have decided to take the car back to the dealer Monday morning and leave it there until they put it right and then get rid of it,the dealer cannot tell me whether the Transit Connect uses the same electronics so it is goodbye Mr Ford and hello anybody that can provide a reliable disel load carrier.
  2. Dead SMax

    Hello, This is my first post on here, and I am desperatly looking for an answer to a problem with my 07 SMax 1.8 Zetec 6 speed diesel. Whenever the car is not used for more than 4 days it is dead, Cannot even operate the remote control in the key.Up until now it has gone to local Ford dealer, they keep it 10 days give it back and say try it. OK it then works fine until it is left for 4 days not used, it is currently in the dealers again, 7 days elapsed and no news. Problem for me is that it is on 62500 miles and out of warranty, does any one have any suggestions as to the problem, dealers just says never seen it before, plugs it in and says it has been remapped. I am seriously thinking of getting rid of it and getting a Transit Connect, but does that use the same engine and electronics in the LWB 110 version. Many thanks in anticipation