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  1. An update on this Granada, after getting the exhaust done and getting it on the road for a good few months, winter claimed the headgasket despite it being chock full of anti freeze. Naturally, I decided on a new engine. The original 2.1D still runs perfectly fine, it wasn't over heated or seized and has been taken out of the car so if anyone wants that engine, I do have it up for sale now. Now we're starting all over again and are going to need to figure out a lot of things because we're going with a 3.9L Rover V8 mated up to a 5 speed manual. The engine is currently being sized up for fitting and cutting of this otherwise very tidy body starts soon.
  2. So the head gasket's just gone on my 2.1D despite copious anti freeze, seems either the cold weather or the 183k miles finally did in my old ford. My regular garage will do a head gasket swap but insists I also look at engine swaps that it might be cheaper? Does anyone happen to know what engines would be a straight swap into my car? as in matching mounting bolts and able to run auxiliary things like brakes and such. I got a '82 Granada mk2 Taxi, with a naturally aspirated 2.1Diesel, Can provide photos if needed.
  3. Manifold is now fitted and service inspection revealed that whoever had it before me fit the wrong centre section and just botched it in place, the studs also snapped off in the block during repair, they were able to fix it.. I'd take photos but it's hammering down with rain at the moment. News from the service is that: Power steering rack is leaking badly, hunting for spares now, also contemplating removal of PAS entirely. Engine has minor leaks but I intend to replace the engine within 2 years anyway. Driveshaft doughnut is deteriorating. There's no dipped, high, spot or fog light power on the left side. Reverse light switch melted onto exhaust. On the positives, there's no holes, no structural concerns, only minor rust, brakes and running gear give no cause for concern, if the lights were fixed it'd likely just sail through an MoT (though it currently has full Mot :D)
  4. Figured something out, all good! On to the next issue.
  5. Is it possible to install a quick release steering wheel on a 1982 MK2 Granada? Where would I start looking for center hubs and quick release adapters? Measurements and such? My goal here is to be able to have an aftermarket classic style woodgrain steering wheel that I can remove as a deterrent for anyone eyeing up the car as well as something that matches the woodgrain restomod interior I'm working on. It also has an alarm, cameras and steering crosslock, just y'know, every bit I can, I know old Fords used to be targeted a lot back in the day. The original wheel is worn but otherwise intact so I'd be keeping it or passing it on to someone doing a part for part restoration.
  6. Manifold arrived today! Service is on Friday, will send pics when the exhaust is back together and also hopefully my power steering has stopped gushing everywhere.
  7. Unless we didn't have to depend on and comply 🤷‍♂️ not to mention synthetic fuels, bio fuels, closed loop geological systems, sequestration and recovery but yeah.. I'll gladly have that conversation, just rather in private cause it usually gets spicy. 😄
  8. I tend to try avoid discussion of politics unless I'm in such a place to discuss it but I wouldn't count on a combustion ban sticking for long if it even happens in the first place.
  9. 67HP I believe. She's no hill climber.. or motorway driver.. Or really good for anything other than taxying around the local area but I do have ambitions of an engine swap. Darren Lobb you say? I'll need contacts of people with engine crane, ramp and the willingness to absorb money and put engines in cars that weren't meant to have them. Also that pugeot parts dealer, thank you so much for that recommendation, just ordered exhaust manifold, studs, gaskets!
  10. Just got in touch with them waiting to hear back if they have compatible parts, this could be the exact thing I need 😄 Thank you
  11. I don't, I've been out of the social scene for years due to depression, only starting to make contacts now. I just grabbed some extra photos of the issue. If I can make the car run for another year or two I should be in a good position to put in a more popular engine like a cosworth or a crate motor of some kind. Hopefully within the next 6 months I'll also be moving to a place with a drive way, any heavy work has to be taken to my parents as street side parking aint a good place to be taking apart your car 😄
  12. Possibly? I wouldn't know how to do that 😄 Also yeah, I think I got the ugly duckling of Granada engines, the dealer also had a V6 ghia but in far worse condition(holes in the body, wouldn't run for long, no brakes), this was the only Granada of his 3 that passed MoT so we could drive it home. I've been searching for pattern parts and making enquiries all over the place, the garage it's going to for service have managed to get fuel filter, oil filter, brake parts no issue but even they've come up blank on anything beyond the center section of the exhaust.
  13. The existing one looks like someone sheared off a bolt in the clamp between the downpipe and manifold so the downpipe is not aligned and is blowing diesel fumes into the engine bay thus into the cabin I got a custom build manifold back for 2 grand but on an engine I only intend to keep for a year or two tops before swapping out for a cosworth or v8, it feels a bit silly to spend that kind of cash. Saying that I'm about to drop a thousand on getting a full service and getting the paint touched up and sealed to prevent any further rust 😄
  14. Been searching all the local retailers for an exhaust manifold. I can find stuff for Capris and V6's really easily but nothing for my humble 2.1D. Any one have any ideas? don't need to be genuine parts or used parts, I'd even go for pattern parts, just need to keep the car in good health.
  15. Looks like I do have the last one! Hello Paul, thanks for the welcome. 🙂
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