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  1. I use Waze on a regular basis instead of the factory Nav on my Sync3 (2018 Fiesta ST Line X). To connect via CarPlay to use Waze I have to have my iPhone 11 plugged in via USB. I’ve seen various wireless adaptors and am wondering if these take away the need for a cable and would enable an automatic connection? If so, any particular models anybody would recommend? Thanks
  2. Is that a larger than standard tyre on the space saver rim? I’ve seen them described as 125’s. Thanks.
  3. Thanks Ian. So, with the space saver in place will it be a perfect fit?
  4. I’m looking to buy a full sized spare wheel (not a space saver ideally) for my 2018 St line as I’m not comfortable carrying just foam. I’ve not got my car with me at the moment otherwise I’d measure for myself but will a full sized wheel (205/45/17) fit in the boot correctly in that the carpet will sit right? If not, what’s the recommended size? Thanks
  5. My 2018 ST Line X 140 has just been to the dealer for a warranty repair. It kept slipping out of second gear. The fault was diagnosed as a faulty 2nd gear synchro. Apparently they’ve replaced the second gear too. Picking it up in the morning so hope it’ll give me no more trouble. I’ve only had it for around 3 months and warranty will be up in August.
  6. My car was booked in at the beginning of this week and the fault was diagnosed as a second gear synchro issue so gearbox and and repairs in process. It’s a good job it’s still under warranty!! Hopefully pick up on Saturday.
  7. Thanks. It’s booked in with Ford in a weeks time so we’ll see. It’s not a case of just being a clunky gear change, it physically engages gear then instantly half drops out causing a gear grinding noise. I then have to take it out of gear and try again.
  8. I’ve had our 2018 Fiesta St-line X for a couple of months, bought it with 13k on the clock and it drove like a dream. Recently there’s been an issue where on occasion when selecting 2nd gear it engages then jumps out again. It may do it 2 or. 3 times on a journey or not at all. I thought it may have been me so I ensured the clutch was fully engaged and the gear positively selected but still the same crunching and slipping out of gear. It’s also happened when my wife has driven it. I’m going to contact Ford as there’s still 6 months of warranty remaining but in the meantime has anybody else experienced the same issue? Thanks in advance.
  9. There is one in the back of the car but assumed that was just to fill a flat tyre with the foam can? Either way it has an analogue gauge as doubt it would be too accurate. However, I didn’t pay that much attention to it. Thanks.
  10. It’s a Mitchelin 12v inflator. It’s really strange but it’s not faulty as I’ve just successfully topped up my van tyres with it.
  11. I have a portable tyre inflator which I’ve used with a few different cars and my van but for some reason it seems the tyre valves on my 2018 ST Line seem to be different. When ***** on the adaptor air leaks from the valve stem like the adapter can’t tighten up enough. I can’t see how the valves can be different though? Has anybody else experienced this? If not, which inflator do you use? Thanks.
  12. Thanks. Strange that my version of Sync 3 v3.0 is upgradable to v3.4, assuming the hardware is capable yet Ford themselves don’t push the update?
  13. Thanks. It’s an 18 plate first registered on the 31st August 2018.
  14. Hi, new here! Just purchased a 2018 Fiesta ST Line. Absolutely love the car and can’t quite believe how nippy it is for a 1 litre! Anyway, I’ve followed instructions to update the Sync 3 software via the Ford website and firstly did that then verified the update via the website. There was then a 25GB navigation update which again I’ve done and verified. Am I right in thinking the latest Sync 3 version is 3.4? Even though I’ve carried out available updates and now the Ford website confirms I’m up to date mine is still showing as version 3.0. Thanks.
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