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  1. How can you track ships from Valencia pls Thanks in advance
  2. We originally ordered the phev back in September but after I did lots of reading on what was going on we changed to the st line x kuga our dealer said it was built and in Valencia. After speaking to him several times he has said it was on a ship. He was also saying that they have more deliveries coming in quicker but we have been given the latest date of 19th December. So keeping fingers crossed.
  3. Hi just a quick question have you received your car yet as we have ordered ours but feel we are being fobbed off. Thanks
  4. Just spoke to the dealer where we are getting our new car from he said it’s val por or al por something like that what does it mean. Thanks in advance
  5. PLEASE HELP after having to change the car we originally wanted back in September due to the Kuga phev issues we finally have the Kuga St Line x on order have been told by the garage it was in Valencia but I would like to track it I have been given the vin number was wondering if someone could give me website to check tracking of it of point me in the right direction. Thanks again