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  1. Thankyou for replying, just seems strange that there doesn't seem to be any literature on it anymore! There's also lots of conflicting messages on this forum whether or not the mk 8 even has overboost on it?
  2. Hi everyone, been searching the forums and looking at old brochures but cannot find anything out about overboost figures for a fiesta 2019 plate st line X 140ps. On some of these forums someone mentioned the overboost can be 210nm but can't find any official guidance from ford about this. It's almost as if they've deleted any information regarding this from history! Any help greatly appreciated 😀
  3. Thanks for replies everyone, much appreciated.
  4. Trouble is, it worries me that this will all add up and they'll be like, it costs too much and happily write it off. Have read a few horror stories online, but these were on older cars!
  5. That's good then, did not want it to be a write off.
  6. There's tiny damage to bonnet that I didn't show, and as you can see other than the bumper, the passenger side panel just before is damaged too. And yeah, I didn't witness it but neighbour did thankfully. Woman was all over the place and husband had to come and explain, she admitted liability there and then, what with a witness too, it was relatively straight forward. Only had the car 4 months
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