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  1. Lousy when cold

    Its been plugged into a computer and hasn't stored a thing! I'll give the clean a go - thanks for the link. Am I likely to cause damage driving it in this condition? It will be the weekend before I can try this.
  2. Lousy when cold

    Why would it settle down when the engine has warmed up?
  3. Lousy when cold

    Where abouts is this sensor? Is it easy to get to and check?
  4. Lousy when cold

    When the car is warm, it idles at around 800 or just below. I've had it plugged into a computer and there are no diagnostics codes recorded.
  5. Lousy when cold

    Hi, I would appreciate any advice that anyone can give me. I bought my Focus 1.6 Ghia (Petrol) in November, and I'm having a few issues with it. It was a low milage car for its age - 7 years old and only just over 20000 on the clock. When the engine is cold, especially on very cold mornings, it is impossible to hold the engine anywhere between 2100 and 3000 RPM, the revs jump up and down all over. At idle, the revs hold at 1100-1200 RPM. The problem manifests itself when pulling away, the car lurches and kangaroos along - with very little power. Once the engine has warmed, the problem goes and the car runs well. The car does not sound like it is misfiring. I have checked spark plugs (which look OK and are not wet etc) and the Idle Control Valve (which is clean and appears to be operating normally) Any ideas what I need to check next and look for? I'm worried that if I continue to drive it in this condition that I will cause further damage to the engine, or that I will cause an accident when trying to pull out of a junction (It hasn't stalled on me yet, but it has been close!) Thanks for any advice. Rabbit