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  1. Hi again ST line, so spoke to fords and they wanted to charge £105 to plug their machine in to potentially tell me the same thing. So I went to partsgatway and found a part used climate control unit for £22. We are going to purchase this first and give it a try. My mechanic was spitting feathers about what they wanted to charge me. Kind Regards, Stephen.
  2. Hi st line, thank you your swift response. I am going to get onto the phone to fords and get it booked in. Luckily this morning I had some hot air to help defrost the car. kind regards and have a great day. Stephen.
  3. Hey all, so had my baby now for a year and a half. Last week my vent selector rotary switch won’t adjust my vents and I was initially stuck on full heat. Fan speed still works as does front/rear demists. A/c light comes on when pressed or when selecting window vent and or selecting fully cold. But still stuck at full heat. Lately my car now blows luke warm heat. My mechanic had plugged in his diagnostic machine and both vent and heat switches comes back with Earth dead short when operating. Was looking at booking it in to Fords tomorrow. But thought I would come and ask and see if anyone has had this fault before and what is the solution. Kind Regards, Stephen.