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  1. To be fair I'm not overly bothered about the risk of burning out the reflectors, if it happens it happens I'll pick up a 2nd set to replace them. I'd rather have the best lights I can. Bit awkward to go for a night test drive during the current lockdown but once I do I'll post about what difference I notice. The comments in my earlier post were based on a 2 mile run to Tesco which involves about 1 mile of country road but it's very twisty and wasn't completely dark so hard to gauge the actual throw.
  2. All fitted and up and running. Piece of cake to change them thanks to the tips above otherwise it would have been a right pain in the you know what. Only took about 10 minutes per unit from taking the unit off the car to swapping the bulbs. Yes it's a bit fiddly but thanks to the instructions it was no problem. While I had the units out I removed all the rubber covers and placed the units near a radiator to dry out some condensation that had built up over the car's life. Initial impressions, after panicking because my adaptive lenses stopped working, until I figured out I had moved the lights switch from Auto 😉 is very good. They are a lot whiter and definitely a better throw into the distance so once they burn in properly it should be a big improvement. Overall it was worthwhile.
  3. Thanks Gents Bulbs arrived late this afternoon so I'll have a go tomorrow.
  4. Perfect thanks for the tips. I was going to remove the unit for better access and the guide for fitting is much appreciated. Got to say, first interaction on the forum and it's been a good one. Let's see what happens but any improvement over the OEMs will be good.
  5. I'm working on the assumption re fitting that it's a straight swap for the OEMs. Unscrew the headlight unit for access and just swap the bulbs. Any landmines to watch out for, apart from not handling the bulbs.
  6. OK A bit more research on it. Spoke to decent parts person at a Ford dealership The main Xenon unit is as you say a D3S bulb which they charge £205 ex VAT for 😲 The one for cornering at low speed is the H1. Doesn't seem much point in upgrading that one. Re potential replacement DS3 bulbs I've ordered a set of these at £136 for a pair. Thanks for the pointer https://www.amazon.co.uk/XENARC-BREAKER-brightness-discharge-66340XNL-HCB/dp/B07FY78JBQ/ref=sr_1_5?adgrpid=51693448285&dchild=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiA48j9BRC-ARIsAMQu3WQCDzh0vanUQ8JhDL1oJZIIfZuVcOi3yuVI2y-PNbjU-l2RcYMVGG4aAlR-EALw_wcB&hvadid=259057336492&hvdev=c&hvlocphy=1006672&hvnetw=g&hvqmt=e&hvrand=18161985709599071933&hvtargid=kwd-302330005588&hydadcr=9531_1775468&keywords=d3s+bulbs&qid=1605538412&sr=8-5&tag=googhydr-21.
  7. Thanks karlbbb just what I was after I did speak to a Ford dealer today, gave him my reg number and he told me that my car used H1 bulbs. I've ordered a set of H1 Philips X-treme +130% set for the time being. Only £17 on Amazon and see how they perform. Not expecting miracles but as I managed to get a 3 year Ford Warranty extension at a silly knock down price I don't want to start tinkering too much with the fabric of the car. If it's wrong I'll just send them back to Amazon
  8. Hi everyone. Just got my 2016 1.5 Eco boost Focus and am very happy with it in general. Really nice car to drive with only 18K on the clock. I'm enjoying discovering the various toys in the car. Wil need to look at getting a Sync3 upgrade at some point I think. Headlights are a bit pants though and I was wondering what the best options were to upgrade the main and dipped beams. I did have a trawl through the sticky Focus Bulbs thread but couldn't really find the answer. I did a bit of looking around and found these https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/h1-hid-conversion-kit/?finder_tab=abd_hid Does it complicate matters because it has the adpaptive headlights ? Just trying trying to tap into the huge knowledge base in the forum and see what are the best options for upgrading the bulbs. Many Thanks