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  1. i got all the stuff from the states, £50 for the camera £15 for the loom they've got plenty over there on ebay and the like and keeping it original means not taking dash apart and the mrs making shouty noises lol plus i get to use the original stuff like the lines etc if there was a plug in aftermarket alternative that was better i would use that like i have for my other cars
  2. sorry for the terrible picture (i'll try to get a better one) but the reverse camera loom turned up yesterday but the wires are different colours to the one that came with the camera so can i still use it? thanks
  3. my reverse camera loom turned up yesterday, but the wires are different colours it's a bit hit and miss finding the parts but the plug and playability if you have the stuff already there literally is plug and play good luck 🙂
  4. Before I start taking bits of the car apart, is there a go to fuse to piggy back onto that won't cause any issues down the line? It's a 2amp fuse and I'd want it to be ignition on only I'm also assuming that the Mk3.5 has a fuse box hidden behind the glove box? Thanks
  5. some cars have an adblue heater surrounding the tank although my mate was a bit miffed that Mercedes wouldn't cover the £2400 cost to replace it when it was faulty...
  6. well, i've only got 2 black wires out of 6 so i suppose i'm lucky in that respect lol i'm going to trawl back through this thread to see if there's some info for my application, even if it's spread out across 5 different pages
  7. that's a really interesting bit of kit it's a mk3.5 so i've got all the factory bits but no loom to plug and play unless the colours are the same on both ends perhaps?
  8. so coming back to this thread, this arrived yesterday, from america, for £51 as you can see, it's got wires with it too 🙂 so all i need to figure out how is how to connect those wires to this that's living in the boot 6 wires for both but i don't want to mess things up and, if it's possible, is that plug used anywhere else so that i can do a test fit without stripping the boot out? most of the wiring that i can see seems to relate to the earlier mk3 cars or mondeos and mines is a mk3.5 focus thanks
  9. i've got the blis mirrors and the brackets and sensors (i simply wanted some powerfolds and they arrived so i wasn't arguing 🙂) but if i was going to pull the bumpers i would want to fit stuff in one go rather than have it on and off multiple times it's a mk3.5 so it's got all the wires in the mirrors (12 and 10? can't remember) in the mirrors, but if it's going to be a proper mission then i'll just stick to holding out for the 6 loom rear loom and then go from there still got to find out how to turn on the powerfolds and puddle lights though, i'll use a seperate post for that though
  10. right then, i have a few questions which maybe the local experts will be able to help with before i start taking bumpers off 🙂 i have 3 different front looms, 2 with one number and another with another, which one can i use with my car for the retro fit please? and this is the rear loom part number from an earlier car, so what part number do i need for the 6 sensor loom (i'd want the BLIS sensors on there too if anyone can help me out) Thanks all
  11. they will cause more issues than they pretend to solve in most cars
  12. first things first, make sure you can access the tank to fill it up secondly, don't buy loads and loads, they normally come in 20 litre containers at the garages that do hgv stuff so make sure you know how much you need thirdly, don't spill it, anywhere, it stains like a mother hubbard and it's almost impossible to get the stains out, been there done that with the works motors, the bus takes around 5 litres every 100 miles
  13. later on i'll try to get more pics of what i've got, if anyone can explain how to remove the carpet trim to see what's behind it for more understanding of how big a job it could be that would also be appreciated 👍
  14. i am assuming that all it needs is the 6 sensor loom plugging in then and it'll work yes? after programming etc? if i can find the plug will it be obvious which type of loom it is or is this going ot be a case os tripping the car down to run eleventy million more wires?
  15. that's what i thought, they only go in one slot on the other loom so it's just trying to figure out where the run of the loom goes as it's a bit more complicated than i'm used to
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