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  1. i've not got to the point where i can figure out what i need to get for things to work (but i still haven't figured out how to remove the passenger headlight to search for the plug to plug the sensors int, if it's there at all in the first place so....) which of these looms do i need to get please? BV6T-15K867 AAG EEU0-E-12587845-000 OR EM5T-15L867 AAA EEU0-E-12630639-000 thanks
  2. this are the ones i have on the car but this is why i want to change them, the clip is broken and there are 2 slef tapping screws holding it in place and then i bought these, but you can see that this has a bulb in it rather than a bar i've already turned down a set of st type headlihts as they seem to require upgrades to the system and washers and self leveling and a steering thing to turn with the wheels, but they do look great and i'd love to have them if i could make them work with minimal effort, but i can't spend that much money on a car 've just bought lol
  3. when the mrs gets home i'll get a picture of the headlights and the problem i've got with them, the corner bracket is broken and the guy put some screws in to hide the fact it's not held in with the original headlight fixing i should really take it back to them to sort but we got such a good deal on the car and it's from so far away it's not really going to be worth the effort for a few screws, just can't even find the correct headlight on a google search tough which is so frustrating
  4. coming from the old school of cars where things fit or they don't and are then made to fit, these new fangled motors have got me spending money i don;t need to on things htat don;t fit and won;t be able to fit because they aren't compatible 😞 my latest waste of money was on a set of headlights that are drl's but they aren't the strip light drl's but the light bulb drl's that look almost the same but are different enough to make my mrs say "what have you done?" that means trouble as all the mods i want to do are subtle which is fine, but the headlight clip is broken (a fairly common thing from what i can see) hence the change so what else is so subtly different that i need to check, double check, triple check and then ask the experts for their advice lol currently i'm after specifics but i can't find what i want as there is just SO much variety
  5. yes, it's me, grown out of sierras (but not mondeos) and have now got myself a more modern vehicle in a focus with a tiny little 1.0 turbo'd lump goes pretty well and has a nice, smooth ride and can fit grandparents in the back (and front too if they get there fast enough) only stumbled across this forum when searching for problems that i'll post about in other threads but it seemed to be a nice and knowledgeable group of people here so i hope i fit in 🙂 also, i've had a quick look around for a "how to" for creating a sig but no luck so far, any pointers please? thanks
  6. i had my headlights out today (long story) and i was flumoxed by this clip needless to say, i didn't remove the lights in the end as i had no way to get to the bit to push in to release this so i'd concur with the previous posters that they are indded as tight as a tight thing thats tight
  7. i've been trying to add a camera to the mk3.5 and it seems to be the same issue far too many after market options but very few plug and play things, although the cameras are integrated into the boot handle and they are easy enough to get on the after market, the plug and play wiring loom is the bit that it all falls down on as you need to run new wires and strip everything apart to run the wires rather than plug into the plug in the boot that's there from the factory
  8. the oem method seems to be "plug things in" whereas the aftermarket method seems to be "chop stuff up and apply solder to various wires" lol i'm great with the spannering side of things and even did a fair bit of wiring to my mondeo, but these ewer fangled car that require computers are outside my scope so i'll just keep on hunting 🙂 not that the instructions aren't any good you understand, they are very good indeed, but i have to do all these things while my mrs is looking as she would be very cross indeed when she found out, currently i've just swapped a few switches over when her back was turned 🙂
  9. i think it really depends on if you get lucky with the ebay parts bin, there are LOADS to choose from and i've been bitten by looking at stuff and thinking "it's too expensive" and then never finding it again and buying stuff because i've seen it and then finding the same thing for a quarter of the price in better condition 2 days later although i did recently find a parking button for half the price others were selling them for and a heated seat panel for literally peanuts so there are bargains out there
  10. right then, having spent HOURS reading this thread it seems to cover just the mk3 pfl i've got a mk3.5 2018 titanium with 4 factory rear sensors with the graphic display, hill start, stop start and whatever else it might have so far i've got to the pint that i've got to: remove one side of the rear boot panel to look for this parking module, potentially with 3 plugs floating about somewhere look under the rear bumper for these extra two plugs that things plug into (possibly the blis stuff rather than the extra 2 sensors) remove a headlight to look for the plug for the front loom plug stuff in and then get a 3 year old to do some computery stuff what i don't seem to have figured out is which loom i'm supposed to be looking for, all the mk3 stuff is supposed to be interchangeable but then there are people saying things don't work i'm wanting to do everything together (reversing camera as i've got the plug for it but no camera or loom, powerfolding mirrors but still unsure if i would need to upgrade the units again if i wanted to get the blis sorted out etc) so that i'm not one of those people who's mrs starts giving them the evil stink eye i'm perfectly happy to do spannering etc but when it comes to wiring and all these new fangled things with computers i'm way way out of my comfort zone if the above is all good for the basics then a list of things that i'd need would be excellent, i've looked online for loads of stuff that is plug and play but it's VERY VERY expensive, i mean REALLY REALLY expensive and then i've found the same stuff for a fraction of the price but it's always sold out or bits are missing etc thanks
  11. Bit late to this thread but is the guide for powerfolds available anywhere? Did that poster get around to doing it? Reading loads of stuff here it looks like I might have the loom already but I REALLY don't want to take the car apart and then get stuck with things that don't work 😞 Any pointers would be appreciated Thanks
  12. OK, after reading all that I'm still confused I have the grey plug I have rear parking sensors I have a march 2018 car I would rather fit oem kit but it seems to be impossible to find? If I have to fit an aftermarket camera I'd they're any guarantee that it will work? Thanks
  13. I've just joined because I'm looking to fit the camera to my Mk3.5 I've got the plug in the boot so once I've had a read of this thread I'll either come back with loads of questions or the abates will be there and I'll say thanks 👍