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  1. Leak in brand new Ka

    Jonny, go and buy a spare wheel. Then give away a tyre inflation kit that belonged to you. Result... Ford 1 Jonny 0.
  2. Leak in brand new Ka

    We ordered the spare wheel at the same time, but was told on collection that the inflation kit wasn't needed. Hold on.... it comes with the car regardless!
  3. I love my new "Jumpy" KA! OH loves his Fiesta!

    Hello, laura, My wife loves her new KA as well, especially the heated front screen! Someone else on here complained about the room inside but I find it ok and I'm 6'4! Her old clio was far worse!
  4. New shape KA Spare Wheel

    I'm sure anyone who has purchased a new shape KA will be aware that if you buy the spare wheel then it can't be used on the rear of the car due to stability problems. Ford have notified owners and enclosed a warning sticker to be placed on said wheel. Not sure if this only affects KA's with alloys!
  5. Leak in brand new Ka

    Jonny, we had to pay for the spare! But the salesman shouldn't have kept the tyre inflation kit!!
  6. Hello, all!

    Only joined yesterday, I'm James from Harlow, Essex. I drive a 53 plate Mondeo Ghia X Estate auto 2ltr petrol and my wife has a 59 plate KA Zetec.
  7. whats your favourate classic ford?

    My favourite classic ford has got to be Jack Reagan's Consul in 'The Sweeney'.
  8. Leak in brand new Ka

    also, we had to do all the running, phone calls etc! Still, you live and learn...
  9. Leak in brand new Ka

    Hello, Jonny, well, where do I start.... We ordered the car last May and was told delivery would be about July. Come July and no car... I phoned them and was told there was an 'issue'. I later heard the car was damaged in the factory and had to re order it, however, if we wanted a style + we could have one in 7 days (we paid cash for a zetec, aircon, alloys etc etc). We eventually got the car in October, with the optional spare, and the salesman kept the inflation kit. We finally got that kit back last week..... I blame myself for telling my wife to get a Ford, well, from Gates Harlow.
  10. Leak in brand new Ka

    Hi, all, I'm new on here! Don't like what I'm hearing about these water leaks as my wife bought a new KA. And after the hassle we had from Gates, Harlow, I won't be a happy bunny if her car starts to let in water.....