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  1. temp/petrol gauge

    thanks stopped doing it now
  2. temp/petrol gauge

    hi,can anyone help when car is turned off temp gauge and fuel gauge both go to the 12 o-clock position,anyone have any ideas everything else works ok.thanks
  3. engine removal

    thanks for all your help,it can come out the top if you remove water pump first.
  4. Focus 1.6 1999 water pump

    hi mate ,my water pump had a sqeeking noise when i removed it bearing was tight and grinding,its not hard to do just fiddly,drain,cooling system,remove serpentine belt,remove top bearing roller,remove water pump pulley,remove cambelt cover,then remove waterpump,be carefull not to drop bolts down lower timing cover as they are a !Removed! to get out,hope this helps.
  5. engine removal

    hi everyone,changing engine on a 1.6,haynes says engine and box are to be removed as one unit,lowered down and taken out from under the car.does anyone know if it is possible to remove engine only upwards.thanks for any help.
  6. cooling system

    thanks for the help,ive fitted a new cap,thermostat has already got a hole in it,still boils and fan not cutting in.
  7. cooling system

    hi everyone can any one help have a focus 1.6 zetec,when running water is boiling and filling up expansion tank,temp gauge going to 12 o-clock,put in new cht sensor,thermostat,had test for blown headgasket and flow check on radiator,both ok,removed water pump and is ok,removed all hoses,no blockages.totaly stumped can anyone help please. thanks paul
  8. Focus windows

    hi,disconnecting the battery for 10 mins usualy resets the ECU and every thing else,make sure you have got the radio code though.
  9. cooling

    thanks for the information,changed sensor but fans still not cutting in,does anyone have any idea's
  10. cooling

    hi,can anyone help me,have a 1.6 zetec 3 door ,coolant is bubbling in header tank and cooling fan is not cutting in,but both fans work when ac is switched on,checked fuses,changed relay.was told it could be fan sensor if so were is this situated.thanks for any help.when ac switched on coolant stops bubbling in header tank.