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  1. When the car is stationary, and i rev the engine. Should i get movement from the variable turbo geometry actuator? i get live readout that it is giving orders rangung from 50-98% but the lever is not moving. Can this be something to check out?
  2. Programming done, Forscan made it super easy 😁 But my issue is still there, barely any power, cant exceed 3000rpm, no fault codes, nothing 😠 Cant believe it doesnt find anything wrong about itself. Any ideas what to check for next?
  3. Its thankfully a normal key system. havent seen any bad solderings inside the cluster, so i will try with the new cluster when it arrives! have read that a faulty cluster can make some weird things happen, so i hope the new one will sort it out 😫
  4. Its an Mk2 with 1.6Tdci 110bhp. Really weird problem actually, i would love some fault codes or malfunction light so i can locate the problem. but without codes or lights, its impossible
  5. Its a hard limit, will rev slowly up to 3000 and then it holds it there while im getting black smoke out of the exhaust. No engine malfunction light, just loss of power and rev limit. Funny thing is, when i start the engine and test it, it will rev normally, i can rev it up and down 3000-4500rpm, but when i stop and let it slow down to idle and try again, the problem is back. Wont go over 3000rpm, revs slowly up to 3000, black smoke and all.
  6. Hello i have a 2005 Ford Focus 1,6TDCI wagon i bought the car knowing that it didnt run properly, kind of as a project. The car had fault codes relating to underboost. But a new turbo came with the car, so i replaced it and fault those codes disappeared. Thankfully. When the car starts, it runs as is should for 5-10 seconds. It then goes into sort of a limp mode, no power, not exceeding 3000rpm. But i have no powertrain og engine warning light. Absolutely nothing. I do have a U1900 fault code for some canbus fault. I have tried everything i have found on different forums, replaced fuel filter, replaced glow plugs and relay etc (due to glow plug fault code) previous owner had a problem with the instrument cluster, but he repaired it. Not a perfect repair, since the speedometer can drop 10 km/h every now and then. i suspect the Instrument cluster is still messing around with the systems. i plan to replace it, i have ordered equipment for programming the «new» cluster, but i thought that i want someone elses opinion on this! Very thankful for any response!