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    I will need to turn my Auto climate control off then, I was thinking in the colder months that the aircon would automatically be off but I will give it a try and see if fuel economy increases
  2. Yappy

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    It would be interesting to know how much of a difference that active grill actually makes, plus I wonder if there is a max speed at where the grill will permanently stay open 🤔
  3. Yappy

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    Hi, not flat out but I like to get places quickly 😂 and I thought the system could do with a blow through. Added to that it is totally legal and I was no where near being the fastest car on the autobahn, cars where whizzing past me as if I was standing still 😳. This is not a daily occurrence and i am normally a more conservative driver. I have noticed in the past that a good blast out now and again helps with fuel economy and the general smooth running of an engine. 208 bhp, Over a short autobahn run with slowing down, speeding up and some country roads, I averaged about 23mpg, which is understandable and not that bad to be honest and much better then my 1967 Camaro that can only achieve 14mpg on a conservative drive 😁 So far I average between 31 and 33mpg. I am interested to find out mpg while towing a caravan though, but that I will not find out until next year now.
  4. Yappy

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    Hi all, I have just purchased a 2017 Edge ST-Line fully loaded with every extra and I am loving it. I live in Germany and the car is a German left hand drive, I don't think there are any differences to the UK models. The Edge has munched the auobahn miles up and in so much comfort! I had her cruising at 125mph faultlessly, that is apart from the high fuel consumption at that speed 😅 and the flexing bonnet. I look forward to getting some tips and tricks 😉