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  1. Thanks everyone, I like the car and it seems like I got a good deal, and there’s nothing missing that I asked for, so I’m happy 🙂
  2. Thanks Eric, yes it does have the Ecoboost Hybrid badge which I only noticed this morning! It definitely doesn’t seem to drive much differently to a normal petrol, or it wouldn’t have taken me 2 days to notice 😂 it was just the ‘hybrid gauge’ on the dashboard that made me raise an eyebrow to start with. I was just a bit worried as I’ve never had a hybrid of any kind before and hadn’t signed up to one so hadn’t done any research beforehand. I have no idea if it will be as reliable as a normal petrol engine or if it will cost me more money in the long run if/when there are any issues...
  3. Hoping someone can offer some advice here. I picked up my brand new Fiesta the other day and to start with all seemed totally fine. The dealer only asked me once about engines and if I’d like the hybrid or not and I remember saying no, but after that the engine I picked was never mentioned again. I checked all my documents and it said 1L Ecoboost 125 which sounded right to me (the word Hybrid or MHEV isn’t anywhere on the documents, and I didn’t realise at the time that the 125ps was only the hybrid version and that I should be 95ps for the standard petrol version). It looks like I’ve been charged as if for the 95ps standard petrol engine car, as I did all the calculations at home before going in and it all adds up. Basically I want to know, should I be annoyed that I have been ‘missold’ the Hybrid, or is it likely that I’ve actually got a really good deal? Does the Fiesta Hybrid have a good reputation, what do people think of them? I want to find out as much as I can before deciding if I want to complain or not! Thanks in advance for any help