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  1. @Luke4efc I think it's expensive because it is 'best in class'. Has all the bells and whistles such as part leather heated seats. But, I think you are right. People on this forum have offered some valuable insights and on balance I will probably go for a newer model such as a late 2017 or early 2018, preferably a Titanium version. It does mean I'll have to absorb the hit of road tax, but for a newer, more sophisticated car with a better interior, it will be worth it.
  2. OK thanks for the replies, I will Google the newer models Here's what I was looking at --->
  3. The link should work now. So are you suggesting, instead of a high spec 2016 model I should consider newer ST Line versions because they might be equivalent (or better in some ways)
  4. Right, forgive my ignorance here but I'm not entirely sure what you guys mean by 'Mark 7.5 and 8' - assuming that means they're newer models? This is what I was initially looking at. A 2016 Titanium X with zero road tax The model you posted from Autotrader certainly looks sportier although it perhaps lacks some of the comfort/luxurious features of the Titanium x? And newer models are typically subject to car tax.
  5. I could be wrong about this but maybe the best specced model by a less premium brand (e.g. Ford) is better than a basic model from a more premium brand (e.g. BMW) - a bit like a suite in a four star hotel is often better than a basic room in a five star hotel. My budget for a second hand Fiesta is 10.5k so not sure I can afford the model you suggested.
  6. Hello, as per the title I am thinking of buying a Ford Fiesta (I currently drive a BMW) but it's a few years old). I will probably be purchasing online via a website called Cazoo (they seem to have decent reviews). I'm leaning towards a second hand 2016-2017 model as most of these are £0 road tax. I am currently torn between the ST Line and the Titanium X trim. I think the ST Line models look considerably more desirable but my understanding is that the Titanium X is actually a better model (better sound system, part leather seats, heated front seats, rear parking camera). What would you guys pick between the ST LIne and Titanium X? As owners of Fiestas are you generally happy with your choices or do you wish you hadn't bought a Ford?