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  1. Turned out the relais of the PCM failed sometimes wich gave all the following problems and is fixed now. Did not really know that 1 relais could give this many starting issues but good to know now... Thanks for the help.
  2. Try to upload a readout of the forscan DTC's?
  3. Did you check al the common faults like bad plugs or injectors? Fuell pump about to go out? Clean air filter, good fuel, etc... ?
  4. Brake system was stock.i changed the disc and pad myself to a 278 mm so i know it is the correct disk/pad combo...
  5. Hello, Recently i upgraded the brakes on my MK7 ST200 to the Ferrodo DS2500 pads. When installing it looked like the pads were not large enough to cover the whole area of the disk... After a while the outside of the disk started rusting and formed a ''lip'' (where the pad does not touch). My problem is, when i am braking, i get massive brake squeel and it feels like i lost some braking power, it drives me insane... Anybody have a simmilar experience? I looked up all the numbers and it says it is the one for the ST180 so it should be the correct pad... Disks are: Bosch High carbon 278 mm ones. Fluid: Motul RBF 660 Thanks in advance, Jelle
  6. I do understand what you are saying but i am trying to figure out if the key is detected by the antenna in the front (under the air con area i believe) or another one? When holding the key close to the pats it still does not detect it, but i think its a commmunication failure to, but dont know where to start looking first. There are 2 error codes describing a fault in the front passenger door and i do believe there is a CANBUS communication module down there to. I think if we change out the RKE module and reprogram everything that the problem can still be happening because of a faulty antenna, is this possible or should it give a different code? Any ideas to where i should start looking?
  7. Wish you luck trying to program it, your going to need it 😛
  8. Exact same thing happens with the spare key... So i would think the car is at fault... already tried everything i could think of...
  9. The U1900 code is comming from the cluster itself probably bad connection in the cluster itself. You could also get that code just for plugging in the forscan adapter so could have nothing to do with it... Since you say that the speedo drops sometimes i would start within the cluster itself and check for any bad solder points? Is your car a keyles entry and start? Because if it is, programming the keys is not as simple as you would think...
  10. Hello, I am having some rare ploblems with my MK2 RS. It unlocks with the key and the keyless function (black buttons) but sometimes it does not want to start (sometimes is does) and it says "key not detected" i used forscan to read the car and got the following results. It is a 2010 model with keyless go and start so it does not have the ignition barrel that other cars have... Recently changed the battery, Ecu, instrument cluster has been resoldered on the bad connections... But key is still not detecting? I was thinking in a way that the receiver antenna inside the car sometimes does not get the correct signal from the key, but sometimes it does... Anyone any ideas or had a simmilar problem? Kind regards, Jelle
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Jelle and i am new to the whole ford world thing. I own multiple fast fords (2016 Fiesta ST200/ 2010 Focus RS) and joined the forums to try and solve my problems with them. I wish you all the best and hope to make some new friends here!