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  1. Personally I can “appreciate” someone tuning and modifying their car. But for me purely on a financial point of view, the amount of money you invest in your car to increase its performance and handling I’m pretty sure if done well you must come close to the manufacturers performance model. So with that in mind and the fact that if you buy “the real deal” you have your warranty intact and no insurance issues I think “tuning” can loose its appeal. This is from someone who drives a 1.0l Fiesta daily and a BMW M140i for summer weekend use. Both totally as they left the factory, and both
  2. My 2018 Fiesta Titanium has just been updated via USB to 3.0 Build 20204 which I think is as up to date as it gets officially for the early Sync3 cars.
  3. Just checked Ford SYNC & Maps Updates - Check For Updates | Ford UK purely by chance for my 2018 Fiesta and it looks like an update to Sync 3 build version and possibly new maps too.
  4. Why not pop the car in to gear when you park it, problem solved 😉
  5. It has to be worth a chat with your local ford dealer. I do believe if you can get your local dealer on your side it really does help not only with warranty but also goodwill. If that bolt should be there and it isn’t, my argument would be how many other cars are affected and possibly it should be investigated. These cars also have a 6 or 12 year corrosion warranty, it has to be worth a punt.
  6. I’m guessing that “point 1” could be the fuel pump priming, but that also usually happens when you open the drivers door, or alternatively the climate control configuring itself.
  7. Just wanted to post an update... On the recommendation of @Jollyandy I followed the eBay link he kindly provided and purchased Bosch A405S wipers for the front and also Bosch A283H for the rear of my Mk8. Fitment and blade size of appears to match the originals, so I thought it may be useful to list the Bosch part numbers above for others. Many thanks for your help with this.
  8. My first Fiesta that I did high miles ( for me ) in was a 2011 1.6TDCi Titanium, just over 60K in three years. Never let me down once, only ever visited the dealer for routine servicing. As any warning light flags concern to a potential purchaser, if it’s an easy fix such as changing the oil and filter, why hasn’t the seller done that job already? If he had you would probably have purchased the car! All Diesel engined cars require oil changes on time as DPF Regen can lead to diesel fuel in the engine oil. Get the the seller to fix the issue, then take another more criti
  9. Valeo blades are BMW OEM and I do tend to buy those for my 1 series, I've also fitted them to my moms MK7 fiesta too
  10. Did you notice when you expand the “fitment information” box it tells you that the sizes differ from OEM?
  11. You’d have thought there would be an occupancy sensor to ensure only the airbags that were required would be deployed. The TFT screen in the instrument binnacle upon start up would have you think the car was aware of which seats were occupied.
  12. Does it have a full Ford main dealer service history? You might be lucky and get a goodwill contribution if you shout loud enough.
  13. I’m pretty sure I need to replace my 2018 Fiesta’s Wiper Blades, no amount of windscreen cleaning will improve performance. when you look on places such as Euro Car Parts the suggested items are marked with “fitment differs from original”, the length of the blades don’t match the OEM. What wiper blades have you fitted to your MK8’s any pointers in the right direction would be great? I know I could go to Ford Parts but I’m one of those who’d prefer delivery at this moment in time.
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