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  1. This was reported by another Mk8 owner a few months back. IIRC it was down to low battery charge. But yes, Sync3 should power up at the last volume setting.
  2. If the car has a full service history maybe suggest the dealer speak to Ford UK and ask if they can assist or alternatively approach Ford CRC yourself ?
  3. It probably refines the top end slightly, it improves the appearance too. i guess the big question is are the benefits worth the cost, and that’s a personal one.
  4. For your own peace of mind, as you have only driven just over 100 miles, pull out the dipstick and check the oil level and colour. The oil should be clean, with very little colour. If it’s “Conker brown or darker” it’s not been changed in a while.
  5. Can you not press the muted speaker symbol to remove the mute? Post Code is usually pretty good at getting you close enough to where you need to be without too much hunting around. Post Code and Door Number are better still if in the navigation database. Up to date maps are a bonus too!
  6. If you had the Sony system back in the day I’m sure the speakers were supposedly upgraded too. I’d be very surprised if the fitment was any different between standard and hi-fi.
  7. You learn something new every day, so in Mhev variants does the 48V battery under the drivers seat power the starter motor?
  8. Common area is the joint either side of the tailgate hinges where the roof, rear quarter and tailgate opening panels all meet.
  9. I know this isn’t the answer you’re looking for, but personally I’d seek out another garage who values your custom and wants to fix your car. Any reason why you didn’t approach your local Ford dealer as they tend to be very competitive ( from my experience in the West Midlands ) compared to independents, and you have a little more comeback if something doesn’t go to plan.
  10. When was the gearbox last serviced / fluid levels checked or topped up. Even with so called “sealed for life” some maintenance can go a long way.
  11. Do you hear any noise from the pump at all if you attempt to wash the windscreen? If all is silent then you can rule out blockages or trapped pipes.
  12. As above, check MOT history, give your preferred local garage / ford dealer a call and ask how much for a major service, break fluid change, cambelt and auxiliary belt replacement then take this off the asking price.
  13. Looks like you are missing a surface mount component. If you know someone who works in mobile phone repairs that would be an easy fix. Failing that you may be looking at a new fob. Can you get an in-focus photo of the area on the spare key fob? If it’s just a “jumper” you could get away with a repair bridging with some insulated wire.
  14. Have a look on the Fiesta Mk8 Facebook group, there’s a guy on there who does “standard cruise” retrofit.
  15. I’d just make sure you fill up with “quality fuels” rather than go down the additive route. From my own experience in the past with a 2011 and 2014 Fiesta Diesel I found they needed to regen the DPF far less on fuels such as Shell or BP than they did on Asda or Tesco diesel. In addition, rather than spend money on additives spend some of that money doing a 30 minute high rev run at least once a fortnight / month to keep things in check.
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