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  1. wonts to change things on his car but does not know how much it will change the insurance by :(

  2. are different insurers better then? who are the best for modifications and that?
  3. you mean a search at the top of the website right? i had a look it does not really help tbh i will keep looking
  4. how much more money would it cost me on my insurance to put a new exhaust, alloys, lower it and tint the windows ?
  5. hey,the speakers inside my car are rubbish they do not have any bass at all, so i was thinking of upgrading them starting with a subwoofer but i dont know what i am looking for when buying one. i have £100 to spend on it. after i have got my subwoofer then i am thinking of upgrading my door speakers as well any help will be greatly appreciated
  6. What Speakers Should I Get For £250

    i am looking for a subwoofer atm
  7. i have just bought my ford fiesta, and the speackers are rubbish! so was thinking of upgrading them! but i do not know what to look for? how to fit them? how much they will cost?
  8. ok, i will try on there then. cheers
  9. hey, i have heard about these engine conversion that puma speed do they take out your old 1.25 fiesta engine and put in a 1.7 puma engine which will give the fiesta about 180 bhp. i was just wondering if anyone has done one of these conversions? if they have any problems with it and if there are problems with changing the engine ? cheers
  10. hey guys, Is there any way of getting a ford fiesta mk5 to look like a ford fiesta zetec s !?! if there is where could i get the bumpers and trip for it? chris
  11. i was just wondering if there is any modifications you can do which will not change your insurance? i have heard that tinting your windows will decrease your insurance.
  12. hello

    ok, cheers jon for you help greatly appreciated!
  13. hello

    second hand one. i can afford the car but it is the insurance that i will not afford. i have gone on compare the market and the lowest quote i got is 2,300. any ideas?
  14. hello

    hello,name is chris, first time buy needing some advise and help on a ford fiesta zetec s.
  15. hey, i really wont to buy myself a ford fiesta zetec s for my first car but the only problem is the car insurance. i am 17. does anyone know how i can get cheap car insurance from because i really wont that car. cheers chris