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  1. Well it might be I guess but if it is I'm screwed. I've just downloaded a different music app onto the phone to see if that makes a difference. My phone works on Bluetooth with other device's but I'll try another one. At least I'll know. Thanks.
  2. Hi all. I need a little advice please with an odd issue with playing music through bluetooth via Android on a 14 plate fiesta zetec. The connection seems very difficult to maintain. It will play if I pull and replace the 24 fuse, but the next day it won't. It's as if it thinks it is playing through the stereo but the music is coming from the phone. I can even change tracks on the phone by using 'next or previous track' on the car stereo. So there is a connection as such. But nothing from the speakers. It's doing my head in. Ps have checked on the ford website and it is up to date software wise. Ford want £90 just to hook it up and do diagnostics. So that's not happening. Any advice or other things to try please guys. Ta.
  3. Hi all. New to the forum. Just bought my wife a 14 plate fiesta 1.25. I want to hardwire a front dash cam in and would like some advice. I guess it'll be wired into the fusebox behind the glove box. Any help with this appreciated.
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