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  1. update. My local friendly garage plugged his reader in for me and from this: I get this this: Just need to figure out what these all are!!! Of course it would have helped if there was dates/time on the faults as i dont know just how old they are. Mechanic has suggested cleaning out the ECU connector?
  2. Well, finally get the car running ok and its actually a nice little runabout but: Theres been a couple of times where the powertrain warning light has come on. I suspect its my wifes driving as its never happened to me (🤬) and she's more used to auto's than manual. Having witnessed it today, she occasionally forgets to put the clutch in and the engine then stutters at really low revs before she catches it......im thinking knock sensor?? But, ignition off and on again clears the fault light and annoyingly it also seems to clear all fault codes off the diagnostic screen. If i take
  3. Well it was ***** cold in the garage tonight so as a test i checked the ignition, lo and behold the glowplug light came on for about a second! Big relief that nothings wrong and thanks again for all your answers. Top Notch!!
  4. Thanks for the answers guys! Yes the wastegate may make sense as one of the pipes disappears off to the turbo body. Strangely one also goes through the bulkhead? I'll check the car next time its cold ref the glowplug light. If its as simple as that, then definitely happy days and one less thing to worry about.
  5. Hi Guys, apologies for info hunting on my first post but im getting a bit desperate here. Long story: covid basically cost me my job (and my car) but i was fortunate enough to be donated a 2009 Fusion from a distant relative which ive been sorting out over the last month in preparation for the wife to start her new job at the supermarket. Not exactly glamorous but it will keep our heads above water until i find something to bring the cash in. Anyway, enough whining, lifes too short!! ive nearly finished getting the car ready (brakes/exhaust, timing belt/water pump/turbo pipe and banjos/
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