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  1. I’ve had confirmation that the DPF has been removed :).
  2. Hi, I have been given a list of fault codes from my vehicle, listed below are said codes. The dealership says to be having all these codes at one time would indicate the dpf filter and egr system has been altered/ tampered with, obviously being a diesel. Would this be true? Thanks. Last Trouble Code(s) P008A: Low Pressure Fuel System Pressure - Too Low P0401: Exhaust Gas Recirculation Flow Insufficient Detected P242C: Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Bank 1 Sensor 3 P244A: Diesel Particulate Filter Differential Pressure - Too Low (Bank 1) P1335
  3. Hey! I’ve recently installed led indicators to my mk3.5 st3, I’m wondering how I resolve the hyper flashing issue? I have ordered resistors, hoping they’re correct 21w and 50w. does anyone have a guide on how to do this? Thanks.
  4. Has anyone fitted an open air filter to their diesel st? if so what pros and cons have you noticed?
  5. Hi guys, I bought a 2015 Focus st-3 automatically thinking it had nav.. It has the sync 2 8" touch screen, I posted in a forum yesterday asking how much it would be to upgrade to sync 3 ,etc , And had a response to tell me that i would NOT need to upgrade to sync 3 to get nav activated, He gave me very limited info..Im wondering if someone here can point me in the right direction/give me a guide on how to do it. I have purchased a f8 SD card, A ELM327 Cable ,with a switch, and also got Forscan Extended version, I have a bit of experience with things like vag com etc.. So a guide on h
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