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  1. I had an issue with the DVLA a few years ago when trying to register my Mk2 RS2000 as 'Historic'. In the end I found a really useful club call 'The sporting Escort Owners Club' who were outstanding. The club is recognised by the DVLA and they put a letter together for me which did the trick. https://www.seoc.co.uk/index.htm
  2. I am working my way through my 'snag' list; this is the last one LOL. The car does not have remote central locking just central locking off the key. It will lock all doors from the drivers door but not open the doors via the central locking system from that door (the passenger door will operate the unlocking). Most likely wear and tear, but anyone got any solutions? Is it a door card off? If so, what needs fixing? Thanks.
  3. Last update on this, for the good people who have helped. There was a tiny spring on the fan motor, which holds the brushes tight and connected, which had dropped off. Made/replaced the spring, runs like a train. Tested the old resistor, speed 1 not working. The new 'Transit' resistor, with a few modifications, works perfectly. All good. What have I learnt. If anyone else has a fan not working, do the following. 1) Test to see if you have a live 12v feed from the switch to the multi plug. 2) Test the resistance (in Ohms) on a multi-meter (plenty of YouTube videos to show you how). Don't pay over the odds for a 'genuine' Mk6 resistor. Like all Fords, parts bins are shared between models. The Transit one (above) works fine with a few mods. 3) Test the fan to a direct 12v feed. Once you have done all of these, you will know for sure. In my case it was partly the resistor and the actual fan itself. Thanks again all.
  4. Just a quick update for all the guys who have been helping me; went back to basics on this one, just to check everything I had thought up to now was actually correct. Checked the live coming from the switch, full 12V on all speeds, good. Resistor not resisting; bought the Transit one suggested above (good shout thanks), now resisting. Fan still not working. Removed the fan unit and tested it straight to a 12v feed. No joy, but will run (poorly) when you manually spin the fan blades to get it started. I will strip down the motor as I suspect the brushes are worn out. Interesting job. I will let you know how it all (finally) turns out.
  5. Well that looks remarkably similar, got to be worth a go, as the principle is the same I suspect for all applications and I think that would fit in the space. Cheers, appreciate your help.
  6. I managed to get the little swine out, will do some testing to see if it actually is resisting or not, but if I need a replacement I can't seem to see any online, part number 1652108 18B647. Anyone know of a supplier? Thanks.
  7. Hi, Ebay is likely your best bet, but you could try https://www.car-spares-essex.com/ford-escort.html https://www.autopartspro.co.uk/ford-escort-carparts
  8. Its a massive amount of work, but this article will be interesting for you. https://www.pressreader.com/australia/classic-ford/20140815/283231621221644
  9. Thank you, much appreciated. When I have re-read the original copy, section 12, number 3, it does say "bend up the securing tabs and withdraw the resistor". I can see what I think are retaining tabs, so I will give that a shot. Once again, thanks.
  10. Would you mind taking a copy of (I assume) the previous page/s, as it says for removal of the resistor, 'refer to previous section paragraphs 2 to 5'. The resistor seems to be crimped in some way (not as I was hoping a couple of bolts), so would be interested on how to remove it. To be fair, it does look like the diagram on there, but it is in a very, very awkward place under the bonnet/scuttle panel/wiper arms. I have managed to gain access though. I think, from looking at it, the thermal fuse you were referring to is a sort of wire circuit on the top, which, as you can see by the photo appears to be broken? I guess if I tried soldering, it would effect the circuit, so a new/replacement would be the best solution.....if I can remove it! Thanks.
  11. Thanks both, I thought it may not have remote locking, just the light, so you have confirmed my thoughts. Thanks for the link also.
  12. Thanks. On this (1995) model, I can see the blower motor down behind/underneath the scuttle panel. Unfortunately it isn't in the engine bay like the Haynes diagram above. When you remove the wipers and plastic scuttle, there is another plastic 'tray' which is well and truly wedged in place and has no intention of coming out. I think to get access you need to remove all of that to get at the connectors and resistor. I will have a play about and see if I can figure it out. Thanks.
  13. Thanks, one last question please, to get at the resistor, is it take the wipers and top plastic scuttle panel off?
  14. Does anyone know what batteries go in a 1995 Escort Mk6 Key fob for the remote control please?
  15. Cheers, where is the thermal fan located please, as I checked the 'normal' fuse, which was OK, but that sort of makes sense, as no speeds of the fan are working so that may be the cause?
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