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  1. So 6 months after asking, 800+ looking at it, 0 replies I eventually got to the local Ford dealer and asked for help. It took 2 minutes and not the answer I wanted. The preloaded text answers cannot be changed. So the text answers that are useless I am stuck with and therefore it is back to my ear piece and 'spoken' texts. To my mind a big error that I did not realise when I got the car. Oh well live and learn.
  2. I have a 2016 model. My phone is linked ok in that the phone calls work and text messages are received and able to be read on the central display. But the stored text messages are not the replies I like or require. I would like to change them but after asking Mr Google I am stuck. I think I have to use the USB in the centre console with the replies I want in .txt format. Can someone tell me how - by pressing which buttons ( and does the ignition have to be on) I can over write the original text messages with my choice of answers/ replies? Thanks
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