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  1. Ka Noise from rear

    Sorry for not explaining properly, but its the rear subframe and feel pretty sure its the front rubber mountings creaking. I got someone to rock the car whilst I held everywhere and feel pretty certain its coming from the bush or maybe rear strut.
  2. CAT and ECU

    Hi new to Ka, but I can give you a generic answer. Ecu can only read the emmission before and after the CAT and make judgement on that info. If MOT emissions are ok then the ecu has been given dud info ie the rear oxy sensor seems faulty. A.
  3. Hi all, newby on here with a problem on daughters recently aquired s-reg Ka. Problem is creak fom suspension when rocking car or going over rough road. Got good knowledge of cars in general and I think its coming from front bush of the subframe or possibly bottom of suspension leg. Anyone had this problem? and how difficult or costly to do. Thanks in advance. A.