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  1. Fun fact: the American spelling of tire is actually (for once ) the correct one! In the 1920's there was a UK firm called Tyres Tires and their advertising was so successful that, much like a Hoover is a vacuum cleaner, the spelling with a 'y' became synonymous with tires.
  2. Go with a Sony or Panasonic. The difference in screen quality is insane compared to the LG range. I bought a 32" LG. Regretted it ever since cos it cracks and pops as the back of it cools down for hours on end. Also unofix is right about Currys. Avoid if u can. 🙂 ...although if you are getting a Sony it's such a good make you'll be fine whomever you get it from.
  3. No navigation on the Zetec now or alloy pedals on the ST-Line range - both optionable. Also interesting to see the fuel efficiency for the Hybrid engines has gone down by 1mpg. I wonder if that is because of the chip shortages? It's been reported that Ford USA have continued production of the F150, I think, but with a missing chip that makes it 1mpg less efficient.
  4. 45mpg before the engine is broken in is really good I would have thought. Are you driving it really carefully for the first 1000 miles?..... I mean, judging by all the warning symbols I'm guessing not!
  5. Is it on pg 156 of the Vignale manual?
  6. Is it on pg 156 of the Vignale manual?
  7. I think that is meant to be a wheel! The lines on it mean it taking power from the mHEV battery and the fork means it's lunch time.... I could be wrong.
  8. More chip shortages! So not only are there going to be more bottlenecks on the horizon but an actual bottleneck.... or indeed total blockage.... caused by clever people trying to steer a ship sideways on the Suez Canal now means even more chip shortages. Next factory deliveries due Xmas 2022!
  9. I bet it's to get rid of the multi-link. So like the Fiesta and Puma you will be able to spec up an ST-Line in Vignale trim but the body will be ST-Line so cheaper than having a separate Vignale exterior. Maybe the factory does actually do extra checks on the paint for the current Vignales that Ford says they do? I didn't believe it but if so it's an added expense Ford can easily cut out. Oh, and it turns out (just to get back on topic! ) that more chip shortages are on the way..... so buy now for Christmas delivery, probably!
  10. Seconded! Was thinking about buying my new car through them but something about the salesman made me get a 🐍 feeling. My last Ford had tracking on it and I could see the Evans Halshaw service centre had taken it for an unwarranted test drive at 90mph in a 30!
  11. Ooh. Nice. ...how can you tell, btw? Mine is the same build date as yours so hmm... 🤞
  12. Finance all the way, baby!!!! 😝 With Ford offering zero% finance and £1000 off if you use PCP my dealer said I'd be crazy not to go for it. Got the price down 15% on list after all the Ford deals were factored in so am still happy enough with the price.... just not the delivery time!
  13. I ordered December.... still not built. 🤬 My dealer says Focuses coming through on a regular basis so shouldn't be too long to wait now. Shows that the Fordauthority website isn't much of an authority! Shutdown another 5 weeks? Pfft! And I've just seen a dealer demo model with the exact spec of mine but a few 100 miles on it for £2K less and I'm thinking, should I cancel the order?...... Hmm...... 🤔
  14. I did say under the quote that I don't think the person that wrote the article made the 'update' part very clear. I think they ran the original story and then put the update paragraph above it without a divider line between.
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