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  1. yes i started off here but the method described her isnt working.
  2. hi guys, im racking my brains here and wondered if anybody here could help. My key has been playing up recently and ive been finding it very difficult to lock/unlock doors via the remote. My boss who also has a 05 plate mondeo has given me an uncut key which we have tested with the locking/unlocking and this is working fantstic now but i cant seem to get the key programmed to the immobilizer. i do have 2 Keys 1 normal Fob and one small key with the blue chip and i have tried inserting both keys turning to stage 2 and then 0 and inserting the new key but this just inst working. ive had the key cut now and its all working great apart from the starting of the car. Could this be because the fob may be allready coded? is it possible to overwrite the old coding or delete it some how or does it usually not even matter? any help would be much apreciated. thanks