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  1. After seeing the video, it seems like the battery has drained almost flat . does it do this overnight, but once you have started the car it’s ok the rest of the day ?
  2. There’s one other thing that’s just sprung to mind . I have known ignition switches to become sticky , although the engine starts the starter motor remains engaged in the engine . And this will quickly burn out the starter motor.
  3. It makes me wonder if there is a high resistance on the earthing side of the starter. So gradually the armature on the starter motor is being burned out . Unless you mean you have to crank the engine over and over before it starts putting a extra load on the stater motor. Has a meter been put between the starter motor earthing , also the live lead from the battery to the starter to see how much voltage is being drawn from the battery .
  4. It sounds to me like the hand brake is not releasing fully and sticking on, the initial clunk is the brake partially releasing , the squeaking is the brake still sticking
  5. I would look at the tyres to see if they are wearing ok and get the tracking / wheel alignment re checked first .
  6. If the fuse is intact and you have no power to the cigarette lighter . Have you checked the earthing of the cigarette lighter holder or checked the live supply in the holder to a different earthing point ?
  7. Have to be careful of the tyre and wheel sizes, because it can effect the gear ratio also clearance in wheel arches .
  8. have you checked the handbook to see if there are two separate head lamp relays. It might be one not functioning properly
  9. I thought masking around the hinges so as to keep it neat and stop overspray on unwanted areas, so you can flood it in that area without making a mess
  10. When you say it’s becoming worse in the rain , it makes me think there is water getting into a electrical multi plug somewhere. The first obvious choice would be to look in the engine bay areas to see if you can find any multi plug connector that may have become wet .
  11. I have just seen a product called , clear seal spray. I don’t know how good it is, the write up looks good . It’s about £15 a can . There are other spray cans out there mainly used for gutters etc but not clear. I was thinking of hard to reach areas and perhaps around the tailgate hinges , also around the boot pan areas and seams .
  12. I have just looked on you tube at water leaking inside the boot area. There seems like there are a number of different areas and reasons water could be getting into the vehicle .
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