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  1. Space Saver

    cheers again, ordered a mondeo 16" space saver off ebay today, R.I.P can of tyre gunk :D just need to get a jack/wheel brace and towing eye :D
  2. Space Saver

    cheers, does the 16" fit in ok in the space for the spare in the boot ?
  3. Space Saver

    hi all i'm looking to swap the can of gunk lurking in my book for a space saver wheel :D does anyone know if it should be a 15" or 16" wheel ? i've got the standard zetec 16" alloys fitted but i think i have read somewhere that the space saver should be a 15", is this the case
  4. Anti Hijack

    hi all does anyone know if the c-max zetec 2009 has a anti hijack locking option?
  5. front parking sensors

    yeah, i plan to butcher it myself, i'm not bothered about a indicator mounted on the dash, just the standard x vision one would do fine. i got the rear kit from the net but can't find the front kit as i don't know the x vison part/kit number, i've just got the ford part number
  6. front parking sensors

    hi all just picked up my new c-max on friday, registered with the owners club today and all ready have a question about the front parking sensor kit. i've got the ford part number but does anyone know the xvision kit number as i am trying to source it from anyone not charging a fortune, like my local ford dealer. regards scottie