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  1. Hi There, Try the other doors to see if light comes on and off, If they work perfectly then the door switch is faulty, Check by opening the door then find the switch and push in and release to see if goes on and off If it is slow to release then clean with paint spirit then try again. You can also remove switch it is held in 2 ways either by screw or just clipped in which you can wiggle out. Last resort if all door switches ok might just be bad contact on bulb.
  2. Hi There here are some pictures of the trim fitting screws, Get a small flat screwdriver under head and pry up. Once you have enough grip use pliers to pull out trim screw, Then you pry out main body insert clip. Hope that helps
  3. Hi There, Look at the expansion bottle at the side you should see 2 lines marked "MIN" and "MAX". Make sure coolant not below MIN then when you have drive for 10 to 15min, then check level of coolant. you will see coolant coming out of top pipe, The level will have risen due to coolant becoming very hot (DO NOT OPEN CAP).Leave car standing until engine cold and check level again will be back to original level.
  4. Hi There, As you said only makes a noise when ventilation fan on through windshield. Try setting air to foot vents only so no air to windshield if the noise stops, Then maybe some plastic bit may have broken off the roof centre console. And fallen into windshield vent which then rattles when air venting through this aperture. Hope this helps
  5. Like the others have said Clean up the area with kitchen towels and wipes, to remove all coolant and oil grime. Then start engine and watch for leakage to find leakage start point. Keep an eye on coolant reservoir to see how much is leaking on normal journey to and from work say.(small job easy fix little money , big job big fix lots of money)
  6. Hi There, Forgot to mention using cheap oil but with correct viscosity grade and the wet timing belt can react to engine flush oil, My bad Your Good, So just try engine oil changes to if it improves engine noise and clears low pressure light.
  7. Hi There, Couple of things to check and do before engine change, check oil level is correct if not then top up, check if oil clean or dirty from oil inlet cap (feel oil between finger and thumb if gritty then change oil) Change oil using cheap oil and engine oil flush to clear out blocked oil tube filter within sump cover, At the same time also change oil filter for new ones see what happens. If oil really dirty change oil and filter a couple of times to clear out dirty oil (Do this when engine warm not hot) oil will be flowing easier. Hope this Helps Henry
  8. Hi There, Does the metal sit behind or infront of the roof liner ?. Look in the shops for metal to fabic glue and use use spring paper clips to hold in place for better contact or even clothes pegs the more the better.
  9. Hi There, Had similar problem on 2011 fiesta after changing over battery, And cigeratte lighter no longer worked. Found fuse No 6 called J type time delay fuse 20amp had blown. shape of fuse is like 2 suger stuck together with Green body and blue facia.
  10. Hi All, Replaced battery in nieces car fiesta 2011 Ford battery old, New Bosch battery then had to reset clock and date only radio ok. But she noticed few days later that 12v power point was not working found blown fuse ( 20amp Blue) and replaced. All ok now but why do ford have rectangle shaped fuses ?, where other manufactures have blade fuses. Henry
  11. Hi There, Just bought last week new battery to replace ford battery S4 001 Bosch Car Battery 12V 44Ah Type 063 S4001 from www.tayna.co.uk This cost £52 with delivery cost included. Hope this helps Henry
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