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  1. Hi @sparkymatt, For the SD Card we do need to have that higher operating temperature limits. Needs to, since is operating in a black device under direct sunlight. The temperatures there are pretty high in the summer. You can use a high endurance SD Card but we do not guarantee the recordings. Sure thing, we tested a lot of SD Cards, it works just fine, but in certain condition you can have errors. We also tested successfully the 256GB SD Card. Only thing with those, when the card is full, the boot period is longer. Cheers! Ovidiu
  2. Matt, The SYNC SDL library was updated and it will be an SDL library update for the app too. It should be live shortly - this week or the next. Update the app when it will be up and let's see what happens after that. Ovidiu
  3. Hi Matt, This happens when the DashCam is not connected to the phone. Make sure that the DashCam can be controlled by the phone then try again from SYNC. Cheers! Ovidiu
  4. Hi Kevin, Unfortunately Ford didn't wanted the DashCam to record audio. It was one of the requirements. We have this in plan to next updates. Please send me some screenshots/ recordings to our support email address: mobile.app@falcon.ro for me to see exactly what's the problem. Thank you, Ovidiu.
  5. Hi Paul, Please let me know what kind of iPhone do you have. Some screen captures would be nice. You can use the email address: mobile.app@falcon.ro. Not right now. We have this in our plan. Hopefully will have this on a future update. Cheers! Ovidiu
  6. It is 😁. No other connection needed. Only needs to: Install the Ford DashCam app on your phone Connect the phone to the SYNC unit (BT) Activate the SYNC mobile apps That requires to have Android Auto and CarPlay disabled. Please let me know if you need more details. Thanks! Ovidiu
  7. Hi Baz, Unfortunately the device was never fitted with a microphone, so the audio recording is not possible. Sorry. This is one of Ford requirements for this DashCam. Ovidiu.
  8. Hi guys, Is there any chance to have a feedback about how the app/ DashCam runs on a S20+ 5G, please? Thank you all!
  9. I wouldn't blame the manufacturer too much here. Every electronic devices manufacturer got a lot of component issues these past couple of years and the car manufacturers were no exception. Anyway, our DVR can be only installed thru dealer channel. That was not designed to be installed on the factory line. Cheers!
  10. There are situations when the car is parked inside a garage or on a private propriety where do not need to be protected and is left unlocked. Any door slam will generate a Park video and pretty soon the SD Card will be filled with Parks. That type of video is not overwritten automatically and needs to be deleted manually.
  11. Thanks for your appreciation, Stephen! Since I'm part of this device/ app development team, my knowledge could help. So, I'm helping 😁. Anyway, a lot of explanations can be found in the user guide within the app: Yes, it is. Green means the DVR is powering up Blue means the DVR starts recording Here's the LED color code for this DVR: Every time you press (short press - under 1 second ) the Ford logo button, an Event type file is recorded - the LED turn Blue for 3 seconds. If you press the Ford logo button longer than 3 seconds, you will switch off the DVR - you can see 3 short Blue flashes. Do that again to switch it back on or it will be done automatically next time when you switch off then on the ignition. Here's the buttons functions: The Event videos can be found in the SD Card files section: As long as the Continuous Recording is switched on, the DashCam will record automatically every time you switch on the ignition: Cheers!
  12. @ratchetmanthis is what you can do about your car: We would not expect any issues with the SYNC compatibility; Since is no wire routing established for C-Max, the connections can be made at your own risk. A good electrician should be able to connect that DVR (there's only a +12V, a ignition and a GND connection). Be careful at airbags and moving parts when routing the harness. The DashCam would be positioned also at your own risk. This is some guiding lines to position it correctly: Should be behind the rear view mirror, On the passenger side, With enough clearance for SD Card and buttons, Should be behind a zone where the wipers are operating The line of sight should not be obstructed by anything - power up the DashCam and after check the correct position, The image should be centered.
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