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  1. Lot's Of Problems

    urrrmmm, its quite hard to explain too be honest. It's not the usual boy racery sound you hear when a car's exhaust has holes in, it just seems more rattely, and just generally has a much loader roar to it when you rev it? if it is at idle it drowns out the noise of every other car! no i havent had anything checked? shall i just take it too a garage and just say something is wrong with my car, check everything!?? lol, and how much cash would i be approx spending on it?? I use it to get to work every day, and then to go out at night if needs be...if it died i wouldnt be able to get to work so its imperrative it keeps going for atleast another 6 months!
  2. Lot's Of Problems

    Hi Kris, thanks for replying With regards to the engine management, i just followed the advice of other people that were having the same problem on the internet, looking back at it now it probably wasnt the best decision, but it was a temp fix that seems to be working The burning smell was just oil escaping and burning away on the head gasket, this was due to the filter in the oil cap being clogged and causing the reverse effect, but i aquired a new one and i havent smelled burning since I explained the exhause problem to a friend, who reckons it sounds more like a loose bracket???
  3. Lot's Of Problems

    i'm having no end of problems with my fiesta, its a 2000 reg, fiesta Finesse 1.3 first i had to replace the brake pads as they didnt stop squealing, 3 weeks in, and they squeal AGAIN! then the car decided to Rev itself up whenever i changed gear and then sat there in Idle, fixed that by removing the engine management fuse and resetting the computer now it seems that my fuel consumption has increased dramatically, i drove on the motorway at 80 for about 45 minutes and it pretty much emptied 3 quarters of a tank! other problems i have had include a burning smell? replacing the oil cap seemed to stop that, and the car just seems very revvy, and bass-ey? as if there is a hole in the exhaust, but i have chcked the exhause and no sign of a hole, just seems very rattley and bass-ey, so yeah, i have no idea why its so rattley, and no idea why the fuel consumption has increased? any ideas???
  4. Throttle Cable Guide

    hey guys, my car has developed a problem which makes me look like a rookie, crap driver. basically, when changing gears, once clutch has been surpressed, the RPMs seem to rocket up, just as if my foot is still down on the gas pedal, which isn't the case? i think it might be the accelerator cable, if so, how do i tighten it, as it does seem loose, and preferably with a diagram??? i have a 2000 W reg fiesta finesse if that helps. if its not this cable, any idea's what is causing it? many thanks Max
  5. Help needed!!!

    ok thanks, will have to ring them up then, but thanks for info on central locking
  6. Help needed!!!

    this is the only key i have, previous owner managed to loose all but this one
  7. Help needed!!!

    ok thanks very much, i will check that out in the morning, just to clear things up, when i say red key, i mean black with a red spot on the top? this is the master?
  8. Help needed!!!

    hello there, i am new to this so i apologise if this question has already been answered, or a similar thread has been opened. I have recently purchased a Ford Fiesta Finesse, it is a W reg, so the year 2000. i am just wondering, when i use the key with red tip, central locking does not seem to work, i am not totally sure it has central locking, but i persume a 2000 reg would have, as i have seen older models with this feature. I also persume that the red key is the master key? or am i wrong? a piece of information which may be useful to you, when i bought the car, the garage that MOT'd the car had to replace the drivers side door barrell, could this be the reason why central locking isn't working? i am also wondering whether or not, it is possible to have remote central locking on this car model?? i appreciate any help i can get, as i am stumped, and the ford dealer just keeps trying to get me to spend money on things, rather than give me advice Thanks! Max