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  1. Warranty? Whats Not Covered?

    I paid to get my car back, had another problem and needed to get home. This morning I phoned Ford, they confirmed that it is not covered by the warranty. The girl said she would speak to Arnold Clark, who repeated its not covered. The girl at Ford then said they would give me the next major service for free as a goodwill gesture, this would be more than £102. Happy with that I suppose.
  2. Warranty? Whats Not Covered?

    Its a 59 plate (September 2009) I bought it in February 2010.
  3. Put my car into Arnold Clark due to heater not working. Said it would be a big job as dashboard needs to come out. Turns out it was the cable that controls the heater selection was twisted. They say this is not covered by the warranty and want £102, is this correct? Thanks.
  4. Front Mud Flaps

  5. Front Mud Flaps

    Looking for mud flaps (front & rear) for 59 plate Focus Titanium. Can't seem to find front flaps on Ford site
  6. 59 Plate Focus

    There was a condensation problem. I did not notice any smell or the carpets being wet, although on the phone the mechanic said they were wet and would be replaced!
  7. 59 Plate Focus

    McHargs(Arnold Clark) South Street Glasgow.
  8. 59 Plate Focus

    I bought a 59 plate ford focus titanium 7000 miles on clock 2 weeks ago from Arnold Clark in Glasgow. Noticed the coolant level was low, they have had the car for two days fitting a heater matrix etc. Is this not a bit strange on a new car? Wondering if I've been sold a pup? Any views?
  9. Focus Titanium 59 Plate

    Bought a Focus Titanium 59 reg Sept.1999 7000 miles. The coolant level was way below the min mark so I added some water. The colour was "pinky" can I add Halfords pink antifreeze or must I buy Fords'?


    Anyone know where I can download or buy a owners manual for a UK Focus Titanium registered 01/09/09?
  12. Dispaly

    So they do, what a numpty!!!
  13. Dispaly

    Just took delivery of Focus Titanium, one wee problem. How do you switch off the display light? I thought that by turning off engine and removing key the display would go blank!!