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  1. Hey I’m looking for help does anyone know of the rs side skirts, front splitter, spoiler etc. Fit a standard mk3 focus mines the 2014 per-facelift model I just want to make sure before I buy anything as all I come to find is body parts for Zetec s, rs & st. if anyone could help be greatly appreciated
  2. I have a 1.6TDCI have a map in from 95 to 130.
  3. Thanks for the info guys superstars honestly!!
  4. Hey Iv Ford Focus 2014 preface SE model. I’m looking to swap out stock intercooler, Iv come across nothing but ST and RS intercoolers I’m wondering will either of these intercoolers fit a standard mk3 focus. thanks for the help!! 🙂
  5. Thank you so much and just wondering do you know/recommend a place to buy the spoiler. Thank you !! :))
  6. Hey guys I currently have Ford Focus SE (2014) mk3 I’m just wondering if a RS or ST spoiler will fit a standard mk3 focus. I’m just making sure before I buy anything.
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