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  1. So how do you remove the 2016 smax factory head unit???
  2. I would want something like the blackvue but alittle more compact at 1080p. I got a mirror android one and it gets obstructed vision with the middle mirrors casing with the sensors in. I knid of want one dicreet as possiable.
  3. Yes I seen the blackvue ones they are very expensive. I would actually break into someone's car just to take that. I want to take the screen off... lets say if someone saw the dash camera, they would just not bother breaking in to take the whole thing and sell it somewhere. Stealing the camera is not thenmain problem the damage is.
  4. Hope You Are All Well. I have been researching online about getting a dash camera. Unfortunately I have been involved in a accident. What I want to know specifically is. Is their such a dash camera that has the camera built in to the mount with the memory card built in and the screen separate. That way I can pull the screen off and if I forget to put the screen on the mount/camera as it will still record. It would be better if the pull off screen would be magnetic and not a wires. I get the feeling I would pull the camera with screen off and probably not put it on wh
  5. Sorry I forget to add i think my unit is a sync 2 because of the model of the car. It is a 2016 model and 2017 and higher has the sync 3.
  6. How do I know what is in the car now??? I am sure it is the original head unit. I am not sure what sync3 is but I looked online, found a camera for £400 not fitted. I have some experience in installing third party cameras.
  7. Hello everyone I have bought myself a Ford SMax titanium on a 2016 model. I wish to fit a camera for parking. I have seen this in another car similar to mine. It had the parking lines when the vechile was put into reverse. What I wish to know is can I have this in my vehicle? Can this be installed to the radio unit that currently exists? Is their any idea what it will cost? For the parts and work done. I do not want a separate screen or some add-on. The other part of my question is, how do I update the satellite navigation as it has taken me to 2 wrong
  8. Hope you are all well and safe, due to our current times of Covid-19. Anyhow I am new, never used a forum before as I am not good with computer technology. Will try my best. English is not my first language. I can try and use Google/Microsoft Word to keep my spelling and grammar correct. I am also using a mobile phone so it is not the best use of this forum. *Edit* I have bought a Ford S-Max Titanium 2016. Thank You For Reading My Message. Maymod
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