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  1. Toyota Avensis Wing Mirror

    I cant see were ittellsme if it is a T23 or T25
  2. Toyota Avensis Wing Mirror

    Hi I know this is not a ford but hope someone might be able to help I am trying to get a wing mirror assembly for my father in laws Toyota Avensis. I have the registration number but sadly it is an 03 plate so could be one of tow types. Doe anyone know how I can find out which one I will need. Also the sites I have look at for the mirrors online mentions 3 or 5 pin connections. I don’t know which he has but I do know it isn’t a heated mirror. Does anyone know if this is a 3 or 5 pin connector. Any help would be great. Regards Tom
  3. HI I have a MK1 ford focus with a slight issue. Sometimes the accelerator goes crazy. It has only happened about three times once about a year ago and twice in the last month. While driving along it starts to accelerate without my foot on the pedal. When I put the clutch down it revs as if I have my food on the accelerator up tot about 4-5k. It happens for a little bit a stays even if the car is turned on and off but then goes after a little bit. As it is an intermittent fault it is hard to know if I have found the true problem. The cable is fine and the think the TPS sensor is fine as I took that out and put a multi meter across it and it seems ok. I have read it might be the 02 sensor. But I obviously don’t want to replace things needlessly Any help would be great Thanks Tom
  4. Dim Head Light

    Hi I have a 2001 for focus zetec.I noticed toniht that it had one dim head light. the main beams are alright but the drivers side headlight it dim when dipped. I assumed this woudn't be a bulp as they either work or are gone. Anyone got any ideas what it might be? Thanks Tom
  5. 1.4 Or 1.25 Fiesta?

    I do want something cheap to insure as you say but I also want it a regular starter an a new car. I would go with the 1.25 but as said they are like hens teeth where I am. I would rather spend a bit more and have the car for longer rather than replace it every few years.
  6. 1.4 Or 1.25 Fiesta?

    I have bee told by this friend that the parts are heard to come by and thought someone might have some experience
  7. I am looking for a car for my wife a small run about. So after talking with a friend he recommended the 1.25 fiesta 5dr. As it turned out these are like hens teeth around me at my price bracket. My friend was told by another friend to stay away from the 1.4 as parts are a murder to get and a lot more expensive. Have other people found this? regards Tom
  8. Ford Fiesta Question

    any other options?
  9. I think I have convinced my wife that a petrol car is ok and think the 1.25lt fiesta will be a good one. The issue she had when driving my focus is she felt the pedals where too high as she is quite a small lady and cant rest her heel on the floor. Can you lower car pedals so she can rest her heal on the floor and still work the pedalsor get longer pedal fitted?
  10. Small Car For My Wife

    I think I have convinced her that a petrol is ok and think the 1.25lt fiesta will be a good one. The issue she had when driving my focus is she felt the pedals where too high as she is quite a small lady. Can you lower car pedals so she can rest her heal on the floor and still work the pedals?
  11. Hi My wife has just passed her driving test and I am looking at getting her a used small runabout. I have a focues and have had for years and am really happy with it but I was thinking of getting her a fiesta probably about 5 years old but getting a diesel because of the fuel costs at the moments. I know the zetec petrol engine I have is great but I have been told some bad things about the diesel version anyone got any experience with them or have any other car recommendations. I was thinking something either 3 or 5 door with a 1.2 or 1.4lt engine. It needs to be reliable safe nothing fancy. Regards
  12. Exhaust loud noise for focus 1.8

    I have taken it back and they say its a manufacturers fault with the back box and will fix it for free. I will get it fixed but this sounds like a lie to me anyone heard about this before? tom
  13. Exhaust loud noise for focus 1.8

    could it possible be noise from the engine if so could it be a problem or just noise it seems to mainly be noisy inside the car as i drive is a mid pitch drown when steadt at bout 3000 rev when doing 70mph any help? tom
  14. Hi I have a 1.8 petrol 2000 reg ford focus estate. When I drive along my exhaust seems really loud and when I get to approximately 3000 revs it seem worryingly loud. At lover revs it seems normally. I thought this might be because of a hole in the exhaust. So got that fix as there was a hole but this made no difference. Any ideas Was I conned with the exhaust. Can I get them to give me my money back if this was not the problem as it was a Kwik Fit? Thanks Tom