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    Ha ha, the vomitting part of it sounds good !! However, I think my mk5 would feel out of place!!
  2. RUST !!

    My car is starting to rust quite badly in place on the wheel arches, its not very big but starting to rust through, is this easy to treat or is it a garage job ?? <_<

    What actually happens when we meet then ? I haven't been a member long :(
  4. England Captain

    So, if Terry does lose the captaincy, the big debate will be, who should be the new captain? I think if Terry loses his captaincy due to his off field goings on, it will be hard to pick a new captain because the main suspects all have some off field history... Gerrard - Punched a bloke in a bar Lampard - Had a rant on radio about his ex, apparantly he had an affair? Rooney - Paid someones nan for some lovin Ferdinand - Banned for missing a drugs test Ashley Cole - Cheated on his wife With nobody else springing to mind as a guarnteed start, this becomes quite difficult ! This also begs the question, should players be judged on off field actions? So, cast your vote. I think, the captaincy should go to Wayne, despite his naughtiness, it was a long time ago and he is one of only a few guaranteed starters?
  5. Team Bridge

    So, John Terry will be meeting Capello today and hopefully will lose his armband, although I'm not sure what time this announcement is due to be made? I think he should be stripped of it, completely out of order what he did to his "mate". So, are you "Team Bridge" or "Team Terry"?
  6. written off!!

    Well, how insensitive are we? The bloke claims to have two broken arms and we are asking him a series of questions when he is clearly struggling to type !! Hope you get better mate ...
  7. The clock

    Hi coysht, I believe I have tried both :(
  8. Is thinking about leaving ford to get a 206?

  9. The clock

    Hey, can some one tell me how to set the clock on in my MK5? I thought it was as simple as pressing the H and M buttons but they wont move the time? Thanks, Elliot
  10. Signing off

    I have the same, can't log off? Never mind, hardly the same as keeping internet banking logged on I guess, but still irritating.
  11. Hi People, A couple of things I would be grateful to get help with. 1st, My vents only seem to be blowing out cold air? Also, my stereo has started turning itself off when ever its bored? Its the stereo that comes installed. Any advice? Thanks, Elliot

    Hi guys, thanks for your answers. I am in Northampton, so unfortunatly, the scrap yard you suggested is too far, thanks for the suggestion though. As for spraying it myself - no chance, I'm rubbish, Ford say they will spray it for £47 so I think I might go that route, just a lot cheaper to buy it, plus I don't want two different shades lol. Thanks, P.s - In hindsight, perhaps the subject title is a bit much !! :)
  13. I have a MK4/5 Fiesta (2002) It is mint green, last month someone ripped the wing mirror off of the passenger side. I have put a new mirror on but it is silver ! As you can imagine, this is annoying me like mad ! I am desperate for a matching mirror as the car is colour coded ! I have been trawling through scrap yards and ebay but can not find one !! Does anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one? I would be very grateful !! Thanks Alot ! Elliot