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  1. thank you all for welcome and hello, can smell no gas when i drove it home a few weeks back it was ok except for foot down then roar from front no smells of gas from exhaust , only roars when foot down, advised to look for split cat or broken flexi ?
  2. i also have a bmw 525d on a 2004 plate , 37 t0wn 50/55 on motorway, the car i am working on is for my son 2008 1.3, seems he will use more fuel, so mine must be better green wisecarbon footprint wise ,
  3. hi all, exhaust seems ok but if you put foot to floor ges roar to front any ideas im thinking flexi pipe
  4. front back drop links, front bar roll bar rubbers , shocks all 4, brakes front back full service kit, seems i am rebuilding flexi pipe front, parts ordered ,starting march , work so far, sealed back lights ,seats out, clean all, think i will put underlay boot and rear seats, apart from this all seems good, well i hope it last a couple of years, should do him well
  5. sealed back lights seats out bit of rust under fronts near bolts, clean inside and floor put seats back, looked around boot lid and doors no drain holes found front area seems dry
  6. hi, are there any drain holes in this ka 2008, i hve to do bits around bay i have found out about but are there any actual drain holes around body, i am doing rear lights, water in boot and a bit around driver foot well, pulling the last of my few hairs out trying to find cheers
  7. did you fix i have same problem
  8. hi all, seems like a never ending job, looking to find drain holes back boot ,front and doors all drain scuttles ,boot is wet and front floor wet , hope this can be cured, i am doing it for my son to learn on drive for a few years, is it welds , some say sealant back lights welds how do i do this all ideas gratefully appreciated cheers,
  9. thank you, i hope he will, i am doing hocks x4 brakes nd service, slight blow at front might be flexi pipe, so i wil be back and forth here, and he will also join full membership, great info cheers
  10. hi all, just joined have to get car ready for son to earn in , need to get second key with remote and programmed any help please, dont wont to get main dealer as it will be a leg and a lung, car is a 2008 ford ka 1.3i 51kv, cheers for all expected help, PS are there any things to check on car that occur over time
  11. hi al, just getting a car for my son to learn on ford ka 1.3i 51kv 2008, thanks for letting me in, cheers
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