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  1. OMG - while looking through old photos I also forgot the MKII Escort RS Turbo I had !!! (My cousins Astra GTE 16v in the shot as well)
  2. Forgot to mention I also had a '70 Convertible for a few years. Became a bit of a money pit after a while so it had to go. Very sad day that was.
  3. Here's the Mustang. Done a few (what I consider) subtle modifications. Most recently the new hood as the original one the dreaded rust setting in.
  4. Just wanted to say hello as I have recently joined. Had lots of cars over the years but mainly Fords. Late teenage years I had a Mk II Escort Harrier - Absolutely loved that car! Then met a girl, got married and had a 1.0l Fiesta auto for some time (she only drove autos) Kids came along, jumped ship for a while to a Renault Scenic. Then upgraded to a S Max - Had that for over 13 years - absolutely bullet proof. During the S Max reign I brought myself (back in '08) a Bullitt Mustang - Still got her now. As the kids starting passing it was Fiestas all the way for them. 1.4 Zetec in Silver
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