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  1. wiring help

    well just to so thanks for replying and helping me finnally figured it all out and felt so proud of my self as its the first time ive done that and also fitted two jbl 6x9's on the parcel and succesfully fitted a sub and amp in the boot so was a good all round day for me so admins you may close this thread now thanks paul
  2. wiring help

    kk kwl thanks mite go the scrappy tomorrow and have a look around see what i can find thanks for your help will let you know how i get on
  3. wiring help

    hi all new on this site and would really do with some help i have just bought a 1.8 diesel ford fiesta flight (1997) trouble is when i bought it there was no stereo but luckily for me i have a cd player and fascia ready to go in the hole where the stereo is is just full of wires with no connectors on the end so bought and iso conecter ive managed to wire the speakers up but im stuck on the power cables and the rest of them there is five wires left and im getting confused and dont want to run the risk of shorting anything out so the wires i have left are as follows two skinny orange and black wire one skinny green and black wire one thick green and black wire and on thick blue and black wire thanx for your help in advance