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  1. I have a Mk4 TX. As far as I know and according to the brochure there are three headlight varients: 1. Halogen 2. Fixed Full LED 3. Adaptive full LED I thought mine were fixed full LED but I have an adaptive light setting for L/R in the settings. Is this setting not on both the fixed and adaptive versions?
  2. So I am the proud new owner of a Focus Estate Mk4 Titanium X 2.0 TDCi in Chrome Blue. Loving the new car and impressed with all the gadgets so far (It came with literally every available option) I do have a few questions for the more experienced owners out there: I have updated the Sync to v3.4 and then did the F9 Map update (which I think was around 29gB in size). Having successfully installed both and uploaded the logs to the ford website it is now saying I have another map update available at around 8gb in size. I thought F9 was the latest? I have not installed it yet. Did
  3. My 2.0 TDCI is excellent at pulling away. I was quite surprised (150ps). When out of warranty you can easily remap to 180ps too. In terms of depreciation my personal opinion is that it will be less of an issue with the newer models that are Euro 6 compliant The fact that you are asking these questions and your use case doesn’t swing fully to diesel makes me think you would be better going petrol
  4. I have literally just bought a Titanium X 2.0 Tdci diesel two years old and had the same decision to make. It will depend on how often you make longer journeys and whether you routinely have a decent stretch of Dual Carriageway or Motorway (30/40 minutes) . The new diesels have the DPF that needs a regen periodically As they are the same price when buying used then you don’t have the price premium seen at new and if you would benefit from the fuel economy then go for the diesel. If you don’t and do quite a lot of smaller journeys regularly then I’d say petrol. I personally
  5. Cheers. They are obviously trying to make a few quid. Dodgy
  6. Morning all I have bought a second hand Mk4 TX (2018(68)) focus. After advice on here I asked the dealer to ensure the sync 3 is up to date to the latest software. They are quoting £75 reduced from £125. After reading some posts is this not something I can do myself instead?
  7. It’s not actually. It is 160 miles each way. I then stay away for the week and come back for weekends so it’s two longer journeys a week. Probably suits the diesel.
  8. Yes it does look nice and the one I have put a deposit on was definitely Ford management beforehand. Part of me is still got a niggly feeling about getting a Diesel over a Petrol. I do 320 miles a week to commute to work (160 miles each way) and I have heard diesels are less reliable but I think I will stick with it
  9. Thanks I’ll remember the TDCI bit 😂
  10. I think if you are used to crappy Halogens then they probably genuinely believe they are on full beam 😂
  11. Totally agree. I think half leather is a good compromise. Although I am not sure what the seat cooling/heating is like these days on full leather. Must help a bit.
  12. ST line X does look nice. I just couldn’t find one with all the extras I wanted for comparison. I am also getting on a bit now so probably benefit from the smaller wheels and softer suspension 😂
  13. I was torn between the Vignale estate and the TX estate but I put a deposit on a 2.0 TDI 2018 TX estate today. Hopefully can collect at the weekend. It’s in chrome blue with 11k miles on the clock. The equivalent Vignale was £2k more and I was not sold on the Dark Mulberry colour. It came fully loaded with extras. Panoramic Sunroof, Driver Assistance pack (auto high beam, traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control), Convenience Pack (rear camera and park assist), Heated steering wheel, Power tailgate, HUD, B&O sound upgrade, Wireless Charging Pad and full LED headlight
  14. Anyone got any experience with both the Vignale and TX in estate format? I am happy with the differences in the options that can be added to the TX. I am more interested in the things that cannot be added like styling etc. What are the main differences in this sense? Vignale seems to have more premium stitched interior and also the external twin pipes look better. Anything else worth noting?
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