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  1. Yep everything was put together again properly I triple checked and still couldn’t find a fix , I did put the old one back in and everything was fine again even with the ST150 pedal
  2. Yes mate I removed the negative lead off the battery before I took anything apart. However I did try this method because I have heard how the ecu needs to learn the throttle body but I literally had no input from the throttle pedal I even tried a ST150 pedal and still nothing. It was running really rough and couldn’t idle for ***** haha if you could help that would be appreciated but I’m going to ST150 swap it soon anyways just think it’s best thing to do haha
  3. hey guys , this topic is perfect because i have fitted St150 60mm throttle body to my zetec s mk6 fiesta and when turning the car over it does not want to hold idle or rev from the accelerator pedal. what would be the cause of this?
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