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  1. I had a drive-by the other day which damaged my side mirror.... I need to replace the side mirror body, because the edge was damaged.......but the glass remained intack. How do I remove the glass from the old body without breaking it........so I can put it in my replacement body ( which apparently is supplied sans glass ) Is there a recommended method of doing this ?
  2. Focus Mk2 & Mk2.5 Footwell Lights

    I have a friendly Ford car Salesman lives round the corner....brought bulbs round AND fitted them.....cost, zilch :)
  3. What You Don't Like?

    Thanks mate............ only one in the Country when I bought it
  4. Yes it is....... Both my old 2003 model, and now my 59 plate Focus exhibit this. If you don't double dip your clutch a couple of times, and not rush it, it can cause reverse gear to either grate, or not engage correctly, and then grate as you lift your clutch to find you are not properly in gear.
  5. What You Don't Like?

    I don't like the fact that although the US gets My Ford Touch from the launch date, we have to wait until this Autumn, or even possibly next year. We are obviously so less deserving than our American cousins..........so I'm going to be less deserving of Ford, and keep my money until the UK models have it. And.......just to rub it in, I'm told by my Son, who attended, that at the NEC Gadget Show last weekend, a couple of Yanks were showing off a working My Ford Touch cockpit, which they've got......and we haven't !
  6. What Does This Switch Do? (Pics)

    My car does have ESP.......but still has the blank on the left with wiring behind ! The ESP is controlled by the steering column stalk, on mine. I found this out because I used the other blank on the left ( which doesn't have anything behind it ) to house an auxiliary switch. The mystery continues........ ?
  7. Ford Focus 2012 Price

    Well it should at least be an option then..... I dropped into my local Ford Dealer yesterday, because I had been told they had a new focus in their showroom. They had a silver Zetec in there, which my better half liked more than my Zetec S ( Huh ! ) She liked the rear light clusters, and she said the front reminded her of an Alpha Romeo ( heaven forbid ! ) But I must admit, I liked it more in the flesh than I had in the first photo's. The fascia was very similar to the Fiesta, with that centre design that looks like a transformers head ( if you know what I mean ) The funny thing was the handbrake lever placement, it was on the drivers side of the centre tunnel, and much further forward than any other Focus. Reminded me of those French cars where gear sticks protrude out of the dashboard ! The salesman told me they were having an "event" in mid March, by which time they would have a Titanium for me to look at, so I'm going to pop along then, to see what a premium specified model looks like. He also told me that "My Touch" is going to be available later this year from about September on...which might make sense, coinciding with the Reg changeover. So, just maybe, I won't have to wait as long as I thought........
  8. Ford Focus 2012 Price

    I know...... That was the point I was making. If this is a global car......why do I have to wait another 12months for something the US has now. I was looking forward to changing my 59 plate Focus 12 months after I bought it, not 24 months. I don't want a car that's been "dumbed down" for the UK Market, I want the global car that Ford was shouting about before it's launch, and this isn't it.
  9. Ford Focus 2012 Price

    Now they are in the showrooms, I'm going to take a look, just for curiosity........ I'd like to make a couple of points, You can forget your $ price list.....UK prices are now available, and as always, $'s mysteriously turn to £'s. So much for this being a global car ! Where's MyTouch, the only thing that would temp me to part with my 59 plate Focus Zetec S. I'm afraid it's conspicuous by it's absence ! The American's have it, why can't I. Am I somehow less deserving....don't think so. So there you have it. Were going to be getting a global car that isn't, and for the privilege we going to be paying nearly 40% more than the US for outdated technology. No wonder, some Ford owners are starting to look around......
  10. Mystery Part

    Treasure Trove ??
  11. Passenger Footwell Leaking Badly

    I had that problem twice....... For me, it was the aircon drain tube. It had either come adrift or perished. I had an extended warranty on my old focus, so I cant say how much it cost, but you might like to take a look in the engine compartment if you have aircon fitted and see if the exit to the drain tube still allows water through.
  12. I've done 11,000 miles in my 59plate Zetec S 1800. My consumption has been from 27-32mpg throughout it's life. The average rises considerably after a few long motorway journeys.
  13. Can anyone tell me where I can get an exploded diagram of the 2010 Focus Dashboard ? I need to feed a couple of cables through in a central position.......
  14. Rearview Camera

    Mirror image means when you look at a screen you actually see the left on the left and the right on the right..........so that is correct ! Had one on my old 2003 Focus for years along with reversing sensors too. Wire it up to the reverse light circuit...it WONT blow the fuse.... and please nobody lecture me about if I needed one I shouldn't have passed my test. I am an advanced motorist and driving Instructor........these things are a complimentary safety aid and a great addition to a car......