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  1. Focus cc

    I !Removed! love capris ive seen pictures on the net of a re-make of the capri like what vw did for the sirocco
  2. Focus cc

    Gonna keep trying stuff with the cc for the moment but have got my eye on a fue other cars at the mo probbs will get a mk1 focus rs to play around with or if i can find a good one a brooklands capri
  3. Focus cc

    thanks for the info on the lambo doors mate i am seriously thinking of getting summit else now im slightly gutted because i realy do like the car even tho it handles like an aircraft carrier and goes as fast as one lol
  4. Focus cc

    i found this digi mod of a cc abit on the low rider side but looks pritty nice. going over to revs over gateshead today to see how mutch some new springs will cost and looking at uni lampo door hindges aswell keeping the standard 17s on for the min still abit lost on which way to go on the engine starting to think i should of just got the r.s or the second hand st500 in arnold clarks
  5. Focus cc

    i agree it is a posers car i just like the way it looks lol i didnt think about the volvo t5 engine sounds like a plan ill have a good look into that thanks for that
  6. Focus cc

    Hi there thanks mate for the info ill get onto them. do u no of any meets in the newcastle area? im new to the whole going to meets etc mutch thanks will
  7. Focus cc

    thanks for the responces but i am hell bent on making this thing as quick as my bank will allow it lol. i am preperd just to throw money at it the only reason i didnt buy the derv burner because i just prefer petrol. would love the 6 speed that the derv has got tho. i have a performance air filter already and a dtm twin exhaust at the mo. does any one no because the cc is basickly a volvo would a galaxy 3.2 v8 fit in it with obviously alot of tinkering????
  8. Newcastle or Tyne & Wear meet

    Hi is there or does any one fancy trying to start a newcastle or tyne and wear meet????
  9. Focus cc

    Hi im a new ford owner just bought my focus cc 2.0ltr and its doing my head in already it looks the part but christ is it slow any one throw some ideas my way as im also new to the modding scene was thinking if i could get the rs engine to go in would this help????