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  1. Hey everyone, I'm in the last stages of my MK4 fiesta Puma conversion and have run into an issue with my flywheel. I have a ttv lightened flywheel on the engine at the moment and the car cranks, fires and then cuts out at the moment. My mechanic thinks its a crank trigger issue and has said there's a 5mm difference on trigger cut out?? Apparently this is why it shows a trigger and starts and then loses it. Does anyone have any advice on this or have any idea on how to fix? Thanks
  2. right so a little update! the loom from the 1997 puma fitted perfectly apart from the temp sensor wiring is missing from the injector loom bundle. I'm having another issue with the flywheel causing it not to start up fully, it cranks, fires up and then dies almost instantly.
  3. The picture doesn't seem to match your description. You have a fusebox with C2 & C3 (both 20 pin connectors) and a loom with C1, C2 & C3 connectors (16pin connectors). Do you want to try to mate the loom to fit the fusebox? yeah the loom is the last piece of the puzzle for getting my fez running and its not compatible because it doesn't have the C1 plug port. trying to find a analog loom that has all 3
  4. Hey everyone, I'm currently doing a conversion on my mk4 fiesta to have a 1.7 puma engine and i've run into a slight problem with the loom I've been supplied. It only has 2 plug ports for the green and white plugs (C2 and C3) and I need a fuse box and loom that has a plug port for the black plug (C1). I was wondering what the black plug does and if I can get away with just plugging the white and green ones in? I've not been able to find anything online so thought i'd ask here
  5. Hey everyone, having some trouble with my puma loom, as you can see there are 3 connections needing to be plugged in but my fusebox only supports 2. Does anyone have one I could buy off them? Need urgently
  6. Hey, can anyone tell me or link me the correct size exhaust manifold studs that go onto the engine in order for the manifold to go on? Struggling a bit to find some and know what the correct size is. Thanks
  7. Hey everyone! I'm having a bit of trouble finding the engine number of a puma engine that'll be going into my fiesta in May. I need the number to notify the DVLA of the change. So if anyone knows where it's located on the engine then please help!
  8. Surely it fits where it fits? thats what i thought! i've aligned it as best i can. I'm having a hard time finding the engine number
  9. Got the flywheel and clutch on today, what do you guys think of my first attempt at the clutch alignment? not sure if im happy with it tbh 🤔
  10. Hey guys! Been a little while since I've been on, so just thought I'd update you all on what's been happening and on progress. To start with, I just came out of hospital a few days ago from a surgery so recovering from that has put everything on hold for the time being until I'm able to get outside and back in the garage without any pain. Before going into hospital, I managed to fit the MSD coilpack but the leads seem wayyyyy too long for the engine even though they're supposedly made for the puma engine 😕. I've had a go at changing the crank seal but ripped the seal so o
  11. I'm not too sure! but I'd probably go with something branded like a piper one or a hoffman since I don't know how well an ebay one would hold up over time
  12. the thing is, i can easily get insured on just a puma which is so stupid 😂 but ive heard good things about adrian flux so need to get a quote from them at some point. As much as it woulda made more sense just to buy a puma, i just like the hatch body of the fez over the coupe. I checked a modified insurance comparitive site and lowest i could get was 1.5k for the year.
  13. Whaaaaa? How come they won't insure you with the new engine in? Did they give you a reason? They said they wont cover it because i'm not 25 or have enough driving experience for them to be able to insure! not naming any names but its the insurance company with the bulldog 😂😂 big enough clue to fugure out who it is
  14. everything is slowly coming together, projected for everything to be done and engine fitted by early May time and i also need go get an insurance quote from Adrian Flux because my current insurer won't insure me if i swap the engine
  15. also got round to a bit of cleaning and its coming up really nice!!!
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