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  1. Was that a brand new fly wheel😀 i think so! looks very new to me 😂
  2. Here's two pics of the flywheel i pulled from the ebay listing, how does it look?? are there any questions i should ask the fella?
  3. i managed to find someone selling a full clutch kit and asked if they'd sell me just the lightened flywheel and they said yes!!! Sorting out a price atm, they want 200 for it but i'm gonna push for 180
  4. The one on the engine currently is looking quite old and worn! and because im doing a new clutch, i really wanna replace the flywheel so everything looks all new and shiny even tho i wont be able to see it once the gearbox goes back on
  5. Where did you find that, I have been looking for a lightened flywheel but none seem to be available for the smaller engines. What is wrong with the old flywheel? Flywheel - There's the link for it man!
  6. Evening fellas! Have ordered the coil pack and clutch this weekend, looking for a new flywheel and having trouble finding a standard one since lightened ones will run me quite a few pennies!
  7. AHA, problem solved. Black diamond are very legitimate, have heard of venom, I think venom have an ebay store too. may go for venom then, it's a bit cheaper than the other places selling it
  8. also, would this clutch be okay to get from this site? dunno if they're legit or not
  9. I also managed to get the clutch off and then all but 1 of the flywheel bolts off today, very productive day off work. I also used this spanner method to stop everything spinning
  10. i phoned up puma speed this afternoon and they just got stock in that day and updated their site so i managed to grab one 😁😁
  11. Morning Guys! Payday finally rolled around so it's time to get ordering parts for the engine! Clutch is in the basket and waiting but having an issue buying the MSD ignition pack :(( doesn't seem to be an option to buy from pumaspeed anymore so i'm stuck on where to get the full kit. I'm able to buy just the little block but not the leads with it. please help 🤣
  12. may have a look into reupholstering the originals and making them a black interior to match the bucket seats i've put in. Would be a lot of work but all worth it and looking mint in the end
  13. Had a bit of a struggle with the door cards guys, dont think they'll be going on :((
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